Model with silica gel products size differ

by:Keyuan     2020-09-03
In the near future, silica gel products factory in xiamen have a customized silicone keys, just a key Australian, silica gel products factory is a production of similar. Custom buttons just process is slightly different as the original ones. But in the process of open mold proofing, but the two buttons with mold production size difference is too big. For this problem, small make up also timely consultation with silicone product engineering department engineers Zhao Gong. Let us know what reason lead to the same kind of silica gel product size differences: 1, 2, great error in the proportion of raw materials due to run out unwanted material, mold the middle size easily slants big 3, die die temperature difference ( The edge do not agree with the middle temperature) 4, do not have a unified feeding position, of course, there are other improper operation may cause the silicone molding technician size differences. Therefore, only professional silicone products factory to custom products quality is guaranteed. Avoid by all means to covet cheap and expensive effort.
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