Mixing rubber, silicone oil, silicone products, how do you hold?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Recently due to the sino-us trade cooperation relations, our country emergency document issued by the General Administration of Customs, decided to implement strict for import and export of waste powerful regulation, waste in the industry of silicone products including silicone products, silicone oil and waste silicone rubber, and so on, we all know that the organic silicon prices inch now, after this policy led to a variety of silica gel extraction of compound spikes, such as silicone oil has become one of the first rise in price of the product! To know silicone oil can be extracted from the waste, and occupy the market share of the majority, strictly controlled by policy is expected to follow-up after silicone oil factory of silicone rubber and silicone upstream is price not same city now, the booking in advance and so on phenomenon, at present in the policy under the influence of silicone oil from up on the basis of the original 2000 yuan, of which 107 glue, silica gel and mixed gum will continue to rise, later on, based on the current market background, our country in large and small suppliers in the organic silicon industry did not fail a rise in price. The situation, the move is expected to be a serious influence to the downstream silicone products manufacturer as well as chemical raw materials manufacturer and so on, in this special period, the individual is the best way to deal with is to control the flow of the product and the latter is not a problem, the excessive liquidity raw materials may lead to subsequent loss serious, guaranteed product quality and efficiency and improve from want to risk tends to win! Nature is the true law, nature is the true law, nature is the true law. Organic silicon boom cycle run has its own rule, this rule will not change because of the human will. Today we thought a lot of abnormal phenomenon, several years look back, you will find that they are merely the silicone round boom cycle ahead.
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