Mixing rubber raw rubber, off-season rising demand, the downstream pressure silicone products manufacturer

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
In 2019, organic silicone rubber products industry upstream and downstream bland, stable upstream raw material is low, the downstream silicone manufacturer needs cold and cheerless, all kinds of chemical materials upstream again affected by environmental control continues to increase, a surprise is a few months in autumn all the year round for the most busy period, but in this year to become a lot of organic silicone products industry off-season, normal open upstream stop, downstream with tight in order is out of step with the raw material stability. As the coming of the September, although belonging to the off-season silicone products raw materials continued to rise, without reservation, several upstream enterprise normal shipment, local increase in the price still not destabilizing, monomer construction declines, the inventory is low. Product details DMC: DMC scattered rise in price stability, monomer manufacturers the overall capacity, inventory is low. 107 glue, 107 glue price stability in the scattered rise, in the face of high price raw materials, downstream stock up enthusiasm fizzle. Raw rubber, raw rubber price increases slightly, enterprise is given priority to with digestive early orders, supply is tight. Mixing rubber: mixed silicone rubber prices stable, enterprise shipments smoothly. Raise, silicone oil, silicone oil price stability in the local weak downstream demand, shipment. Domestic routine viscosity dimethyl silicone oil mainstream in 23000 - a quotation 24000 yuan/ton. Silicon metal, chemical grade silicon metal price stability, stability of low grade silicon metal prices. Methanol: methanol prices weak decline, the suppliers and the downstream subject, bearish atmosphere, clinch a deal. Device is in shandong district: shandong luxi device maintenance; Shandong Jin Ling device maintenance. Jiangsu and zhejiang area: zhejiang zhongtian smooth operation; The xin run normally. Other areas: hengye into normal operation; Tangshan poetic phase ii maintenance. Market forecast with the arrival of demand season in September, the silicone rubber products industry downstream demand will rise, organic silicon prices or is expected to have edged up again. Note: the above prices are for reference only, do not make transaction basis, specific business firm quotation shall prevail. Data sources: national alliance for a green development strategy (silicon industry 执行咨询组)
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