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by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Mixed silicone rubber, a lot of people for silicone rubber production technology, the use of performance and the use are not too much understanding. Today will bring you to see what the mixed silicone rubber for craft is mixed silicone rubber? Mixing rubber and, unlike other processes, it is to use solid silica gel to add deployment good vulcanizing agent and color glue according to the proportion of composite molding, mixing high temperature oil pressure after long get the desired shape, so, the appearance of the glue can decision the quality of the product. Market and development of the mixed silicone rubber in China: as the silica gel products each link of division of labor is clear, mixing rubber independence has become an emerging industry. Downstream of mixing rubber and rubber products manufacturing enterprises docking, promote the upgrading of rubber industry in China. The scale is expanding under the situation of rubber industry in China, mixing rubber industry is faced with broad space for development. At present, the mixing rubber manufacturing enterprises, according to a market for conventional silicone products manufacturer, specializes in all kinds of special rubber ( Fluorine rubber, natural rubber, etc. ) Products manufacturers, there are many is for food grade rubber products manufacturers, and so on. In addition, with the rise of all walks of life industry in China in recent years, domestic equipment has become a trend. Will use a lot of silicone rubber products and manufacturing, therefore the industrial chain in all walks of life in all kinds of silicone rubber products manufacturers and mixing rubber business development object. And, the market size will be large. At present, there are other mixing glue on the international manufacturers took a fancy to China the rubber consumption power, have set up a production center in China, the hope will be its own technological advantages to act directly on the Chinese mainland market. From the point of the workings of these international manufacturers, first of all, its rich experience in the technical research and development, product and market has a big advantage in each other. The vendor is spare no effort in the development of the market, an international manufacturing enterprises just dozens of different species of mixing rubber, it would have been unthinkable for domestic manufacturers. And these large vendors did not stop there, they are still exploring the demand of the market, targeted for mixing rubber production. In these international manufacturer of crazy expansion at the same time, however, the status quo of mixing rubber industry in China is not very optimistic. In the field of high-end with silica gel products such as cars, mixing glue need at present is still a large number of imports. By contrast general level product of excess capacity, has been out of the reach of the market. Analysts believe that if you want to get rid of this dilemma, mixing rubber enterprises need to broaden the sources of technology in our country, on the equipment, technology, process narrow the gap with international manufacturers, mining mixing rubber oil seal, oil pipeline and other rubber products production in the field of application, in order to gain a foothold in the market.
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