Miscellaneous pieces of silicone manufacturers how to solve the problem of product yellow

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Silica gel is one of the features of anti-aging, do not fade, but many production of miscellaneous pieces of silicone manufacturers found, sometimes just out of the hydraulic press product is slightly microscopic yellow. Such miscellaneous is strictly a bad product, so in this case, miscellaneous pieces of silicone factory. What should I do? Think to solve complex pieces of yellow, the first to find out the cause of the yellowing, according to the experience, the following may cause yellowing of silicone products. A, vulcanizing vulcanizing properties are divided into regular and resistance to yellow, its scale has the following two aspects: 1. Ordinary don't fight yellow vulcanizing agent, used in some can be used to color the deeper or request is not high to colour of silicone products. 2. Resistance to yellow vulcanizing agent used in demand revealed, shallow color is gorgeous, and higher request of color of miscellaneous pieces of products. After molding, miscellaneous pieces of silicone, technology in color yellow main reasons are: 1, the mould temperature too high 2, vulcanization time too long, the poor quality material itself sometimes we added in the silica gel resistance to yellow vulcanizing agent, but miscellaneous pieces of silicone products is still looks yellow after forming, it may be the resistance of the material yellow to bad, about the poor resistance to yellow material, advice directly in rubber.
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