Millet 2 generation of silicone mobile phone sets

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
2 generations since the millet mobile phone after the release of 2, millet mobile phone again ushered in the majority of mobile phone users. Recently, the company has several colleagues success snapped up millet 2 mobile phone on the Internet. Colleagues in use after a period of millet 2, its evaluation is higher, generally say - — Value for money. 2 the mobile phone boom, in this way, millet, millet, 2 silicone mobile phone sets and more attention. Often see colleagues change millet mobile phone cases, 2 from the tpu set into a silica gel set, again from the silica gel set into the PC shell, even out of the many kinds of millet 2 holster design, we can see the development of millet 2 mobile phone sets of space is very large. From a practical perspective, I think the tpu and silicone can be used as first choice. Of these, silica gel sets is better than tpu mobile phone sets, convenient loading and unloading, feel is good, shockproof, prevent fall off - — Higher than that of the silicone sleeve edge mobile phone screen, convenient to protect mobile phone; As for the silicone set of easy dirty, this need not worry too much. In order to solve the problem of silica gel set with grey, have the following two points need to pay attention to: ( 1) Buy spray hot oil ( Rubber oil) Condom, choose, fold the silica gel sets, more see how feel and quality of a material, usually, a good silicone raw materials, to shower after spraying the oil, not easy dirty, and very good cleaning; ( 2) Clean with clear water, detergent, shower gel silica gel set, after washing with clean cloth to wipe. Tpu case is cheap and practical, but general level is not high. PC shell through a variety of processing technology, can be very beautiful, but the loading and unloading inconvenience, and easy to wear color, feel is short of silica gel effect. Different time, different mood, can be in a few more mobile phone to paraphrase, adjust the mood, I watch the silica gel sets, to introduce for everybody. I think the practical model of millet 2 silicone mobile phone sets
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