Method to avoid the silicone spoon appear dark mark

by:Keyuan     2020-09-09
Baby silicone spoon we should not strange, it is mainly used in infants and young children eat dinner with independently, is not to be sneezed at in security and material aspects, so in life once silicone tableware products have any abnormal quality defects can make consumers doubt, so no matter from the material during production and the production process requires a certain quality management consciousness, and silica gel products factory in the production of silicone products appear in the process of trace and seam phenomenon also exists in the spoon. Baby silicone spoon appear dark mark the main reason is that the silicone materials have been reached in the process of curing fusion subtle traces the temperature and time, this kind of phenomenon is often difficult to detect with the naked eye, but the problem is for the silicone products manufacturer must reach the corresponding solutions, and silicone spoon is basic it is composed of two hardness or two types of material processing, so the hard to avoid can appear seam phenomenon. Children currently on the market the silicone spoon most of the high transparent materials production and processing, so lead to any trace in the product surface appearance of dark spots is easy to detect, and silica gel products basic internal in seam is very difficult to detect, not much affect to dark product, but for the transparent color products have a certain influence. Different hardness is the cause of a trace is currently the vast majority of phenomenon the silicone products, mould pressing products with different hardness in the middle of the two kinds of hardness is a trace and compare the phenomenon, it is difficult to be solved the problem, to avoid it in the way is the product colour is not very obvious, the second is the product hardness decrease to increase the liquidity of the curing to avoid any phenomenon. After the experiment conclusion soft silicone spoon traces appear as far as possible avoid method has the following points. As far as possible the material mixing evenly, because the silicone spoon material most are transparent, so only need to add in the process of rubber mixing vulcanizing agent, vulcanizing agent and whether raw materials mixing uniformity depends on mixing time to decide, mixing of materials more uniform in the production process of its liquidity and fusion is better, so it's one way! Mold structure is one of the reasons for the dark mark appear, because the material flow is likely to appear in the middle of the cavity extrusion cheap move, so more complex structure in the process of solidification position if there is a difference too much or less flow where there is likely to lead to lack of glue, not even the phenomenon of the dark mark, the discharge channel is one of the key problems, such as the weight of the product didn't completely control and there is no too much flow discharge chute, lead to materials in cavity extrusion cannot discharge lead to the dark mark, so the silicone products manufacturer of mould is one of the key, as far as possible will easy mold production, avoid bad phenomenon. Pendulum material is the main factor of silica gel products appear dark mark, due to the error in the process of feeding the material weight and position of inequality leads to multiple while less phenomenon, resulting in lack of the phenomenon of the dark mark, glue put speed is affected in the process of feeding rubber have roasted resulting in material hot dead, appear dark mark phenomenon, in the process of products do not have a uniform placement is the key to lead to trace, trace and control product appear internal control method still need the silicone products manufacturer.
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