Metal plastic bags of silica gel products process what are the difficulties?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
In silicone products industry, the complexity of the theory of process and precision of the product, not only the double color process and plastic bags is a bit complicated, difficult human consumption in the silica gel products factory production, defective rate is bad control and so on several kinds of phenomena, we are more common on the market, and the process of product surface is more popular in the market, and the best-selling products in the process of production and processing time is long, so similar to the silicone spoon, silicone spatula, and so on all the silicone glue craft products is simple and clear, but speaking of process of the above difficulties, compared to a lot of friends is a confused, for the silica gel package material such as hardware or PV products do you understand how much? Hardware plastic bags is to use silicone rubber to metal package is complete or partial packages in the high temperature vulcanization, the entire process of sulfide in addition to the rest of the silicone part migration phenomenon when the most difficult to control, so for the silicone products manufacturer, the package of hardware, nylon products such as all need to do positioning standards, general positioning of the seat can be divided into several ways to do. 1, the structure of the mould complex situations can open three layer template, will now be at the bottom of the silicone rubber stamps put among and metal seat sulfide out a positioning groove, put the hardware into the hardware after internal finally remove the middle layer template can achieve the result of internal hardware, but small surplus product this approach is not feasible. Usually slant a bit bigger products better method, 2, double deck plate, can be used by the appearance without any requirement in middle mould can choose to add a few needle positioning, put in at the same time the hardware in the positioning of the rubber is put in the last layer of rubber and the template, the product basically won't appear deviation phenomenon, this method can be used to compare the form of long or rounded hardware is better. Relatively small 3, hardware, and silica gel parts of the allowance is bigger, can probably directly with hardware directly with artificial mould, it is not easy to this kind of method for hardware migration orientation better product, generally speaking, offset leakage hardware is one of the largest difficulties hardware plastic bags products, generally we can from several methods to solve the improvement, the machine of stress may cause the hardware migration phenomenon, researchers put a rubber at the key control! Temperature control in a certain range, and so on, in short in silicone rubber products no matter do any process is more difficult, mainly to see how do you control! ( Article/qingbuyaogeiwoyigeli_1. html)
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