medical silicone-not just for breast implants

by:Keyuan     2020-06-18
Science continues to evolve and progress over time, and the use of silicone is proof.
In the past, silicone was used for breast augmentation, but now, science has made progress. silicone is not only used for breast augmentation, because medical silicone has many uses in the medical field.
In the past few decades, silicone molding has been used for surgical procedures and has been successful globally.
Medical silicone is accepted by the human body and does not cause any reaction, so it is trustworthy in surgery.
Because of this, more scientists have begun to understand how useful this material is in surgical aids.
Since the release of medical silicone, no one can deny that it can be used for many purposes such as catheter and joint replacement.
Today, most medical professionals prefer tubes made of silicone because they are disposable.
This proves that the new material is a good alternative to the old catheter, which must be disinfected and re-used.
The new one can be thrown away immediately after use.
Silicone has become a new favorite in medical, electronic or industrial science.
In the medical field, silica gel is used for knee replacement and hip implant because it does not react to the human body in any way.
Silicone molding is also used in daily medical practice.
As for the electronic use, you will be surprised that the material that was once commonly used for breast implants can now be found in the computer.
The chips in your computer can be made of silicone.
Look, breast augmentation is not the only purpose of silicone!
Nowadays, silicone is not just beautifying itself by breast enhancement.
In addition to the purpose of aesthetic appeal, scientific progress can save people\'s lives.
Now, from a different point of view, silicone may contribute to personal health.
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