Medical grade silicone products covered market, ordinary silica gel will be eliminated in the future?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
A joke doing the rounds online! 'A man with a foreign brides, wedding night, to kiss the bride and groom the bride suddenly opened the bridegroom said,' you light up a bit 'groom back:' how, hurt you? 'The bride said:' no, I'm afraid you give me silicone to suck out, it belongs to the medical level, the more expensive! ! ! 'And then realize the carefully, breast silicone medical grade material, plus surgery that is more expensive, but when it comes to medical grade silicone except breast implants plastic on other materials occupy the proportion is more in recent years, is expensive is a little, but now for people to the requirements of the quality of life, has also been gradually covered the daily necessities of life and industrial electronics industry! Now people more and more high requirement for health and medical grade silicone products mainly aimed at the market is life daily contact with the human body, sum up appear in the main or go route of healthy environmental protection, pay attention to health. So on silica gel products industry, medical grade silicone also in gradually popular industry, starting from the year before the medical grade silicone on medical plastic gradually in the development of daily life, maintenance, care and so on products, and silicone material can be divided into several types, you know what? Ordinary silica gel, high transparent silicone and high tensile silica gel, food-grade silicone, medical grade silicone, etc. , each have each role, but with the change of market ordinary silica gel gradually began to be left only in industrial components, mechanical parts, etc. , and the majority of rubber on the market at present is to belong to food grade silica gel, in daily life, children's products, kitchen utensils and so on field basically USES the food grade, but when it comes to medical level, then include the ordinary silica gel, food-grade silicone, and various products are all high tensile performance, so modern life quality promotion in the future will also be gradually covered with this kind of material! In synthetic rubber, however, medical silicone raw materials at present mainly for cosmetic implant to human body, technology more mature a raw materials, long-term contact with the human body and has no effect, various aspects of performance material, so it can completely and health, environmental protection, pollution-free, a few words match is not too much! Followed in the footsteps of the market, the use of medical grade silicone products in the market have a certain demand gradually, in the daily necessities of life products occupy a logarithmic, for medical grade silicone so can predict various industries in the future will also slowly began to use, someday you also have a medical grade material of silica gel products at any time!
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