Medical equipment conductive silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-03
With the progress of science and technology, all walks of life to the functional requirement of the material is becoming more and more high. Conductive silicone rubber have cropped up in such an environment, and rapidly improvement and development. Xiamen silicone products factory to introduce the first what is the conductive silicone rubber conductive silicone products and medical equipment. Conductive silicone rubber is a silicone rubber as base gum with conductive filler, crosslinking agent, such as refining sulfide. Commonly used for silicone rubber, commonly used conductive filler with acetylene black, carbon fiber, superconductive carbon black, graphite, copper powder, silver powder, aluminum powder, zinc powder and so on. Compared with general conductive rubber, conductive silicone rubber has the advantage of small volume resistivity, hardness is low, high and low temperature resistance, - 70 ℃ to 200 ℃) , ageing resistance, processing and manufacturing process performance is good, especially suitable for manufacturing conductive performance is good, complex shape, the structure of tiny conductive silicone rubber products. Conductive silicone products, medical equipment, mainly refers to the use of conductive silicone material, processing and application in medical equipment of silicone rubber products. Generally have conductive silicon rubber sealing ring, conductive silicone rubber o-rings, conductive silicone rubber rectangle ring, conductive silicone rubber seals, conductive silicone rubber, conductive silicone rubber V U circle, conductive silicone rubber circle of Y type, etc. Usually, the raw material at the time of auxiliary material, will add carbon black, carbon black is conductive, such production through conductive silicone rubber products, but also has strong and weak points of conductive current. The conductive silicone rubber products, conductive performance is very superior. According to different base gum breed and processing method, can be made into high temperature vulcanization conductive silicone rubber and RTV silicone rubber, and pressure sensitive conductive silicone rubber, the anisotropic conductive silicone rubber and the low temperature conductive silicone rubber, etc. Recently, silicone rubber products factory production of medical equipment in xiamen conductive silicone plug is belong to high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber.
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