mechanical properties of microcellular and nanocellular silicone rubber foams obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide

by:Keyuan     2020-07-19
In this work, the nanocell silicone rubber foam was first prepared with supercritical carbon dioxide.
The cell morphology and mechanical properties of Microcell and nanocell silicone rubber foam were introduced.
The cell size and cell density of microcellular silicone rubber foam can reach 1-4 μm and 10-11 μm/cm 2, respectively.
The upper limit diameter of the nano-cell silicone rubber foam is 59 nm, and the density of the nano-cell silicone rubber foam is about 1014 cell/cm 2, which is several orders of magnitude larger than the typical micro-cell silicone rubber foam. The stretching-
Induced eclipse can play an important role in the formation of nano-cell structure on the cell wall.
The effect of cellular structure on mechanical properties was studied.
Therefore, the Nano-cell structure leads to early breakdown, resulting in a decrease in tensile strength.
Also, when open-cell content (OCC)
Increasing, the compression curve changes from three regions to two regions, which indicates that the compression platform disappears when the OCC is greater than 0. 45.
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