Measuring instrument button

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Both in daily life and professional post, believe every one of you have encountered such a problem, the silica gel is home remote control button is broken, or university lab measuring instrument button is broken, we as the user's first thought must be to buy one, and as a custom manufacturer and the purchaser, the in the mind of the idea would be any measuring instrument button, silicone products factory can do in the failure to replace? Of course, measuring instrument button, for example, in fact there are so many manufacturers to customize, the price also is uneven. But not necessarily can be up to standard. There was once a customer need to customize the heart rate measuring instrument equipment buttons, the price we quote the customer with another prices far to the customer, customer resolute choice the cheap one, but the result is that the final key delivery delay for a long time not only, and after the test, whether the load, or hardness, or hit the life, all not reached the requirements of end users, there is no way, the customer to find our open mold, sample from mold to production, not a problem, greatly praised customers, have to mention here, why the same button to different manufacturers offer, the price will have such a big difference, first of all, from the production of raw materials, cheap die life only 5 w time may not be possible, cheap raw materials to produce silicone products resistance to tearing and cracking down on life can amount to mark, so when selecting suppliers must careful evaluation.
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