Maternal and child supplies silicone tooth gum quality trustworthy

by:Keyuan     2020-09-04
Silicone molar rod is very much treasure mom better growth gifts for infants and young children, it not only improved the children grow up chewing also let baby teeth to get some experience. With maternal and infant silicone molar great competition in the market, the silicone material product basic occupied large share of the market, many consumers will choose to use the silicone material to replace other materials, but many consumers did not understand the silicone children's tooth gel materials of these problems, what kind of material standards to meet the requirements of the use of maternal and infant supplies! Silicone baby products is usually need to meet all kinds of certification testing requirements, first the ROHS environmental protection authentication is one of the necessary threshold, and silica gel teeth that belong to the human body skin contact specification requirements, a lot of silicone rubber children's teeth are sold in the market, but some cannot provide more other test report, the reason is because the raw material can not meet the test standard, so let the consumer can't confirm the safety of the product to subscribe. FDA and LFGB testing is Europe and the United States general environmental protection certification, usually by the two basic can reach environmental protection level of security certification of silicone products, and different ways of analysing materials have different deployment, HTV mixing rubber is the main type of silica gel products, rubber in different analysing it applied to materials, which are mainly composed of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, it is not only the choice of many domestic brands is food grade hot analysing in gas phase glue, and as the maternal and child supplies fully meets the requirements. Food-grade silicone rubber is also referred to as the gas phase, mainly high back tension as the main advantage, product has certain advantages and characteristics, it is compared with the ordinary glue can make high elasticity, toughness is stronger, shrinkage is bigger, better resistance to yellow silicone products, the main composition of silicon tetrachloride and air wind less income of silica and iron oxide, the hydroxyl silicone oil as auxiliary material for high temperature mixing rubber molding for raw material, high temperature after mixing moulding food grade silica gel. From consumer silicone tooth gum material basic material from the above don't see any difference, but after long-term use of long product functionality and springback hand perceptual differences will have different, according to food grade is the difference between the gas phase and common precipitation adhesive for sulfuric acid after make silica in sodium silicate deposition, fineness 300 - 400 mesh, and the second gas phase glue can reach more than 1000 mesh, the simple sense of material and silicon molecular density is higher, if you need to adhere to determine the difference of material can also be concluded through third-party certification testing. The advantage of the teeth 1, food-grade children than in ordinary silica gel, the gas phase glue higher fineness, that can reach more than 1000 mesh; Toughness and feel more 2, stretch strength can reach 7 mpa - Between 9 mpa, silica gel products stretch not white children, and is extremely flexible, many times after the high tensile strength is still not white; 3, the gas phase silica gel degree of transparent to translucent, transparent, looks more luster, high and low temperature resistance, good resistance to tearing, stretching rate; 4, excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance and resistance to chemical attack; Comply with the ROHS environmental protection requirements, such as gas phase glue through the FDA certification and the European Union LFGB food standard testing. 5, non-toxic odorless, density of high tensile strength of springback is strong, can direct contact with human skin for a long time, won't produce undesirable phenomenon, high and low temperature resistance, good aging life better and better transparency!
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