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UV/EB Curing Resin Ricacryl 3803 and 3820 resins have been specially developed to overcome the limitations of UV/EB resin adhesion to difficult substrates.
Both products feature all the flexibility, hardness and fluid resistance inherent to the Ricacryl 3800 Series UV/EB Curing Resin.
The company has specially developed Ricacryl 3803 to comply with all common types of steel including tin
Plating and galvanized.
The company has designed the Ricacryl 3820 to adhere to more difficult substrates, including brass, copper, glass, Nylon 6/6, bulk molded plastic, etc. (
Ricon resin, 569 24-1/4 Rd.
Junction 81505 CO)
Rotating 41 on the card can be poured polyurethane Flexane can be poured liquid polyurethane compound cured, forming flexible and rigid rubber parts for various OEM applications.
These room temperature curing, non
According to the company, shrink polyurethane does not change shape when curing and can be used to make precision molds that faithfully reproduce fine details.
They are also said to provide a convenient way to dump and mold replacement parts of cast rubber that have been discontinued.
Flexane 80 liquid is two
Component, medium-viscosity (10,000 cps)
Polyurethane compounds cured to semi-rigid (
Hardness Shaw A 87)
The rubber material, which will restore its original shape after 650% elongation.
Flexane 94 liquid is a fast curing Flexane that can produce more rigid molds.
Its demoulding time is 5 hours, designed for applications that require fast curing time.
It is said that the rigid rubber consistency of Flexane 94 makes it OEM parts, molds and non-
Grasp the fixing device.
Use with Flexane 80, Flex-
It is said that the addition of flexibilizer can precisely adjust the hardness of cured polyurethane, allowing users to produce cast rubber molds that meet the requirements of specific durometer. (
Devcon, 30.
Danvers, MA 01923)
High strength silicone around 43 turns on the card. This mixture and mixer of high performance silicone and fluorine silicone compounds has developed a series of fast curing, high strength silicone compounds with very high tear strength
The compounds that are completely catalytic for EX991 and EX986 are platinum or peroxide solidified.
55 and 70 durometer are available but may be mixed with the customer\'s specifications.
They typically stretch and tear (die B)
The strength is said to exceed 1,300 psi and 250 ppi respectively.
There are a variety of colors and previews. (Cri-
Sil, Immix Technologies division, 85 Winter Street
Hanover, Ma 02339)
The circle 43 on the ABB wiz INT-
According to the manufacturer, 1117EL is a processing auxiliary additive designed to improve the processing and release of many new ethylene-propylene rubber materials due to their physical properties and wider processing parametersINT-
1117EL has been extensively and successfully evaluated in ethylene-propylene oxide/PP-type compounds including metallocene catalysis and silicon-filled elastomer.
Typically, the company\'s processing aid additives are internal, or rolled into the formula in the case of 0. 5 to 2. 5 phr. INT-
1117EL is a proprietary formula that is white and soft in solid shape at room temperature.
According to the manufacturer, MoldWiz INT-
1117EL is suitable for the manufacture of various flexible products, from consumer goods such as footwear to automotive machinery products and flexible electronic keyboards. (
5820 Broadway, Woodside, New York, Axel 11377)
Circle on card 44
Release RR permanently-
1852 WB has been added to the company\'s customized production line, half
Permanent release agentA water-
RR1852 WB is a resin emulsion based emulsion, which is said to provide excellent life and release for a wide range of elastic bodies.
It is said that it has performed particularly well in the field of molding rubber --to-
Metal adhesive parts.
When applied to the surface of the hot mold ([Greater than]160 [degrees]F)
, It quickly solidified, has good adhesion with the mold, maintains the construction-
At least so, according to the company. RR-
The 1852 WB has containers of 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon and 275 gallon. (Releasomers, P. O.
Case 82, Bradfordwoods, PA 15015)
The 45-loop coupling agent SCA 985 on the card coupling agent is a double
Functional sulfur-free silicone for the rubber industry.
SCA 985 is used to improve the enhancement capability of the filler with silicon alcohol base on the surface (e. g.
Silica, silica, clay, etc. ).
SCA 985 is said to provide better burnt safety during mixing due to the composition of the second sulfur bond.
Sulfur content (%)ranges from 12. 5 to 14. 5.
SCA 985 is soluble in all common organic solvents and is not soluble in water. (
Struktol, USA, 201 E.
Steel Corner Road, P. O.
Box 1649, Stow, OH 44224-0649)
Card reverse lap 46
Water-paintbased anti-
Rod coatings with thermal stability, chemical inertia, environmental and operator friendly have been developed.
These products are developed for uncured and cured rubber compounds and parts.
They are developed for processing applications in the manufacture of tires, belts, hoses and molded parts.
This product can be used for anti-stick coating of slugs, particles, calender products, profiles and extrusion parts.
It is said that the company\'s products provide a transparent, colorless, dry film coating that does not pollute rubber compounds or interfere with processing equipment.
No silicone oil, powder, wax or heavy metal.
Water of the companybased, anti-
It is said that the adhesive coating provides excellent performance, improved processing, easy to apply, reduced scrap rate, and is supplied as a concentrate for economical use.
The product does not contain harmful ingredients. (
Maclube division of Mackey industries, No. 9 crozville Road. , P. O.
2425 case, Aston, PA 19014-0425)
Circle 47-card lubricant/release agent Aqualift water-based, semi-
According to the manufacturer, the permanent lubricant/mold release agent is said to be based on a unique chemical that provides excellent unloading flushing and water flushing for the formed flushing.
Environmental protectionFriendly water
The base products already used in production are said to be suitable for piping and lubricating oil applications that can be applied to the lining of the hose when the hose is squeezed.
The new Aqualift product does not run, drooping or dripping and provides a thorough coating for the inner sleeve.
According to the company, some of the other versions previously used in the industry usually have problematic features such as washability of water and adverse skin side effects.
Aqualift products are said to solve these problems. (Frankfurt, India-
Tries, 167 Commercial Avenue.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45140)
The circle 48 on the card rubber plasticizer provides a complete set of plasticizer, and many other products for adhesives, caulkers, coatings, wire and cable, poured polyurethane, polystyrene, vinyl, seals, washers.
The additives available include adipates, azelates, acetic acid salt, paraffin chloride, phosphate, O-benzene Ester, polymer, sebacates and specialty additives.
From heavy totes to tank trailers of 5,000 gallons, additives can meet the requirements of any volume. (
Harwick Standard distribution, in his 60 s. Seiberling St. , P. O.
Case 9360, Akron, OH 44305-0360)
It is said that the card equipment insulation ring 49 in the Hot Press and injection mold is affected by unique operating conditions.
It is said that continuous heat loads and high pressures can cause early breakdown of most materials, unless produced specifically for this application.
According to the company, the Brandenburger insulation made in Germany is said to be an ideal material because it will not shrink more than 1% in the first 5,000 working hours.
In addition, it is said that the compensation system AE2000 helps to increase the tolerance without the occurrence of pendulum edges and/or a large amount of pressure or mold rework. (
GA 30076 Roswell Prime Tech)
50 laps on the water-
Release agent based on DiamondKote waterbased, semi-
The permanent release agent is based on a unique, non-
According to the manufacturer, transfer chemicals can provide better mechanical sliding without sacrificing life.
It is said that many products have been successfully tested in the automotive market, including rubber. to-
Metal connection applications.
The innovations of these products are said to apply to almost all types of rubber, including Poly-neoprene, Ding rubber, vinyl acrylic, Ding-benzene, fluorine rubber, natural rubber and B-c rubber. (
Frankfurt industrial, 167 Commercial Avenue.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45140)
The circle 51 on the flow accelerator HM 97 of carbo-C rubber is a mixture of low molecular weight polyethylene wax for Hot Melt Adhesive.
It is said that the advantages of this product include higher peel strength, higher softener and lower viscosity.
According to the company, HM 97 offers many opportunities to improve the performance and/or processing of Hot Melt Adhesive.
It is said that the adhesive strength is increased and the resistance
Blockage, softener, viscosity modification, and gel of solvent and oil. (
Struktol, USA, 201 E.
Steel Corner Road, P. O.
Box 1649, Stow, OH 44224-0649)
Cycle 52 on the card RTV silicone sealant a neutral Curing Sealant has been developed for bonding and sealing sensitive components and other applications in which the released solvent or cure-
Multi-Room products-
No temperature sealant is required.
RTV silicone materials do not produce acid by-products during curing.
It is ideal for a wide range of industrial uses, including bonding/sealing of components and moldingin-
According to the company, pad materials are placed for sealing compressors, gear boxes, pumps and small motors.
737 neutral curing glue is a kind-component, non-
When exposed to moisture in the air, a slump sealing material cured at room temperature forms a durable, soft silicone rubber.
It is said that the product has good moisture-proof and vibration-resistant properties, maintaining its elastic properties in the following temperature ranges85 [degrees]F to 350 [degrees]F (
Intermittent to 400degrees]F). With a skin-
In three to six minutes, 737 of the sealing material is sticky
Free in [77 minutes]degrees]
The relative humidity is F and 50%. (
Dow Corning, Midland, MI 48686-0994)
Card rubber lubricant circle on water 53-
Rubber-based lubricants are said to provide a long-lasting dry colorless film coating that will adhere tenaciously to the surface.
According to the manufacturer, the rubber lubricant has excellent lubrication performance, low friction coefficient and excellent sliding/adhesion performance.
This product can be used to assemble lubricants, insert lubricants and coatings on cured and uncured parts and profiles.
It is said that the product is friendly to the environment and operators and does not contain VOCs, CFCs, HCFCs or any type of solvent.
The lubricant has thermal stability and chemical inertia.
It is said that the product provides lubrication and anti-stick performance in one product.
As a dry film coating, water-
According to the company, the base lubricant will not attract dirt and dust like a wet, oily or greasy lubricant.
These lubricants are currently being used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, industrial and medical industries. (
Maclube division of Mackey industries, No. 9 crozville Road. , P. O.
2425 case, Aston, PA 19014-0425)
Circle 54 on card distribution agent KantStik 9IWX is a distribution agent and is said to have used the latest dry-
Film Technology for mold lubrication.
This product is made of polymer.
Can withstand high-
Temperature forming conditions far exceed 450 [degrees]F.
KantStik 91 wx is said to be water-based, non-
Flammable, safe to use. (
Montgomery features 75 products. St. , P. O.
Box 306, Jersey City, NJ 07303-0306)
The circle 55 on the card adhesive/coating is said to be able to withstand the corrosion action and high temperature of today\'s cleaner burning automotive fuel.
PLV 2000 series products are liquid formula using DuPont Dow elastic material fluorine rubber
Contains synthetic rubber, which has been used in rigid form for engines and drive trains for passenger cars and trucks for many years.
Recommended applications for Liquid fluorine rubber include coating of fuel injection hoses, valves and cable harnesses, and adhesives for splicing and bonding rubber bands, etc.
Like rigid Viton products, PLV 2000 adhesives and coatings are said to be able to withstand-40 [degrees]to +400 [degrees]
According to the company, F, and resist attacks of more than 750 corrosive chemicals and liquids, including oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, hydrocarbon solvents and sulfuric acid.
It is said that these Liquid fluorine rubber products are also attached to many substrates, including the rigid form of steel, aluminum, fluorine rubber and most other rubber.
It is said that PLV 2000 products are resistant to ozone, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, salt spray, etc. (
Pelseal Technology Co. , Ltd. , 401 Lafayette Street. , P. O.
Box 309, PA 18940 New Town)
The circle 56 on the card mold releases Xtend 800 half
It is said that the permanent mold release is to improve the molding process of the truck hood of the main composite manufacturer.
It is said that this technology is specially designed for RTM equipment with advanced MIT (
Multi-insert technologycapability.
It is said that the Xtend 800 provides a simple release, and in one example, the mold only needs to be stripped after 80 to 100 parts.
It is said that the Xtend 800 product provides a simple application with stripes
Free, attractive look, according to the manufacturer. (
Axel plastic Research Laboratory, 5820 Broadway, Woodside, New York, Zip code: 11377)
57 laps on the card
Soft TPE Supersoft, water-clear, non-oily and non-
The company has introduced tacky thermoplastic elastic materials with a hardness of 3.
The Versaflex cl2000 x is used for products that need or benefit from extreme softness, such as bicycle seats, sole plug-ins, brush handles and other personal care products, grips of sports equipment.
The Cl2000 x class can be overformed on substrates such as polypropylene and due to its water
Clear, completely colorable (
Even with pearls and bright colors)
According to the company, for greater design flexibility.
The Cl2000 x compound is suitable for injection molding or extrusion processes. (
GLS, Dr. 833 Ridgeview
Mike Henry, IL 60050-7050)
Card release agent Diamond dkote 58 laps on the water-
Semi-permanent release agent based on a unique, non-
Transfer chemicals can provide better mechanical sliding without sacrificing life, according to the manufacturer.
Some experimental products have been successfully tested in the automotive market, including rubberto-
Metal Bonding Applications are suitable for almost all types of rubber, according to the company. (
Frankfurt industrial, 167 Commercial Avenue.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45140)
The company produces and sells sticky resin, composite resin and flower-proof resin. (
Whitney & Oettler, PO.
Box 8024 Savannah, GA 31412)
Loop 60-on card coupling agent SCA 9872-
The W coupling agent is composed of 72% Silicon coupling and 28% synthetic calcium silicate. SCA 9872-
W to off-
White, free flowing powder.
It has a proportion (g/[cm. sup. 3])of 1. 43. SCA 9872-
W provides storage stability for six months under normal storage conditions.
SCA 9872 W is a dry, free-flowing silicone Intermediate Dispersion that can be used to enhance the enhanced properties of most white fillers used in rubber compounding (i. e.
, Silica, Clay silica). (
Struktol, USA, 201 E.
Steel Corner Road, P. O.
Box 1649, Stow, OH 44224-0649)
The circle 61 on the card polyurethane Flexane polyurethane compound is specially designed for various rubber repair and maintenance applications.
Flexane products are available in both liquid and putty formulations and are said to be a reliable cost-
Effective way to repair worn adhesive tape equipment and hydraulic press pad
The surface of the lining equipment to reduce noise;
Provide protective coating in extremely worn environment;
According to the manufacturer, seal the cracked surface with a smooth waterproof coating. (
Devcon, 30.
Danvers, MA 01923)
Circle 62 on card internal lubricant/process assist INT-
Internal lubricant/processing aids 40DHT has been added to the company\'s MoldWiz product line. MoldWiz INT-
It is said that 40DHT is specially tailored for PES and other engineering resins processed at high temperatures (500-700oF).
The additive is said to improve the release of parts from the mold cavity, increasing melt flow and enhancing dispersion. INT-
40DHT is directly incorporated into the resin. (
Axel plastic Research Laboratory, 5820 Broadway, Woodside, New York, Zip code: 11377)
According to the company, the ring 63 fluorine rubber sealant on the card high solid fluorine rubber sealant and caulking agent are specially formulated to reduce shrinkage and improve the convenience and speed of the application
Pelseal 3159 is a self-madeleveling two-
Some products are said to be ideal for horizontal applications.
Pelseal 3169 is a twopart product for vertical or overhead applications.
Both products contain more than 80% solids, according to the company. (
Pelseal Technology Co. , Ltd. , 401 Lafayette Street. , PO.
Box 309, PA 18940 New Town)
Card half circle 64
Release two and a half permanently
Permanent, water
Release-based coatings have been developed for synthetic, natural and organic silicone rubber parts and materials.
They are designed to provide maximum release for each application without transfer or mold construction-up.
Half of the companyYongjiu water
The design based on the mold release coating is used for injection, transfer and compression molding of rubber parts.
They also found applications in the manufacture of tires, hoses and belts.
According to the company, they have been shown to be very effective for Peroxide curing compounds, high filling content and other compounds that are difficult to process.
Release coating can be used with FKM, HNBR, polyacrylic salt, CPE, Zhengding, juding, natural, chlording, ECO and silicone rubber.
These products are said to be users-
And environmental protectioncompatible.
The attributes of the product are said to include durability, improved flow performance, elimination of flow, weaving lines and gaps, increased productivity, reduction of scrap rate, ease of release, elimination of mold structure --
According to the company, it is very economical to use.
It is said that these products are stable solutions, will not precipitate, do not need to mix, long shelf life, chemical and thermal stability. (
Maclube division of Mackey industries, No. 9 crozville Road. , P. O.
2425 case, Aston, PA 19014-0425)
65 laps on card metal
Epoxy resin filled with plastic steel metal
The filled epoxy resin is designed for various industrial maintenance, production, repair and tool applications, according to the company.
It is said that these durable epoxy resin are easily used by factory personnel without special training and cured at room temperature.
They are said to provide excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and temperatures, reaching 250oF. (
Devcon, 30.
Danvers, MA 01923)
Circle 66 on card
The company has developed a series of silica, water-based anti-Block the agent.
It is said that these Aqualift products are very valuable to the molds in the transportation industry, mainly SBRs.
These blocking agents can be purchased at any timeto-
According to the company, the use or concentrated form, they are very cost-effective compared to the hard fat bath that is usually used. (
Frankfurt industrial, 167 Commercial Avenue.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45140)
The circle 67 high performance fluorine rubber adhesive on the fluorine rubber adhesive is provided in the form of an aerosol spray.
The DuPont 2040, prepared by DuPont Dow elastic rubber\'s Viton fluorine rubber, adds a therapeutic agent to a solution that can be applied immediately.
It is said that the product is very suitable for temperature range from-40 [degrees]F to +400 [degrees]
F, and where there are corrosive chemicals and liquids such as oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, hydrocarbon solvents and sulfuric acid.
PLV 2040 is also resistant to ozone, UV radiation, salt spray and fungal growth, according to the company\'s data.
It is said that this adhesive adheres to most metal, wood and fabric substrates and shows excellent tensile strength, elongation and wear resistance.
The product can be used as an adhesive for industrial oven door-to-door washers, as a coating for automotive fuel injection hoses, as an adhesive for splicing and bonding rubber bands, etc. (
Pelseal Technology Co. , Ltd. , 401 Lafayette Street.
, Newtown, PA 18940-0309)
Circle 68 special antioxidant Stangard special antioxidant on the card is designed to help protect polymers and custom compounds from atmospheric oxidation and can be used at various ends
Product application.
The Stangard 1010 is an additive with a wide FDA license and is designed for polypropylene and any other application that requires low AO volatility.
The mixed formula of Stangard BHT and Stangard BHT can be used in plastics, rubber, etc.
Other Stangard antioxidants can be used in various applications such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, olefin mixture, rubber and adhesives.
The company has also developed Stanlight 770 and Stanlight P hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS)for end-
Applications include polypropylene, high
Polyethylene, ethylene-propylene rubber, polystyrene and polystyrene polymers. (
Harwick Standard distribution, in his 60 s. Seiberling St. , P. O.
Case 9360, Akron, OH 44305-0360)
Circle 69 on the inner lubricating oil mold
VP250 is said to be designed to avoid over-construction
In the textured mold detail area, it is said that this is often the case with ordinary external mold release agents.
It does not come out like a hard fat and is generally considered to be the cause of uneven and rough surfaces. (
Axel plastic Research Laboratory, 5820 Broadway, Woodside, New York, Zip code: 11377)
70 laps on the card
LSRs adhesives are said to be the company\'s liquid silicone rubber ideal for the production of multi-component molded parts consisting of a variety of thermoplastic polymers and/or metals.
No additional mold coating is required, the product can be processed in hardened steel molds.
With the development of self
Adhesive Elastosil LR liquid silicone rubber, now it is said that it can provide products with excellent adhesive strength for a variety of plastics and metals.
The product is processed by liquid injection molding, through a singlestep or two-step process.
In the first variant, the part is produced with a typical multi-component injection molding machine in a rotating mold.
In the second case, the thermoplastic part is injected into the injection molding machine and then transferred from the gantry robot to the synchronous operated LIM machine, where it is over-formed by elostosil LR.
Parts made of liquid silicone rubber are said to have excellent thermal stability50 [degrees]C up to 200 [degrees]
C, and almost constant physical and mechanical properties within this temperature range, resistance to antioxidants and reducers, excellent aging properties, and excellent environmental and physiological compatibility.
According to the company. (
Wacker silicone, 3301 Sutton Road.
Adrian, MI 49221)
Card processing insulated pyromd-round 71 on
According to the manufacturer, 60 is a rigid pi cardboard insulation developed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of plastic and rubber processing.
It is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 600 [degrees]F (315 [degrees]C)
It is said to be two to four times more effective than other commonly used insulation materials.
Enhanced by a patented manufacturing process, it is said that the size is stable and very tough and durable.
Pyropel is said to have a high compression strength, is not
According to the company, it will not crack under extreme conditions. (
Albany International, high performance materials, No. 777 West Street, P. O.
Box 9114, MA, Mansfield, 02048-9114)
72 turns on the card melt-
The company has expanded its Alcryn (melt-
Processed rubber)
Including the line of 85 shore a hardness grade.
It is said that Alcryn 5085BK provides better strength for injection parts (
Such as automotive seals and washers)
And keep all the other high
According to the company, the performance of the Alcryn product line.
In addition, there are 30% new grades
Ingredients for industrial recycled materials and are eligible as \"green products\" to make the manufacturer more eco-friendlyfriendly.
The company also offers Alcryn 5085BK at a price of 20% lower than other injection molding products, which is said to save a lot of cost for the mold.
It is said that Alcryn helps auto parts manufacturers and manufacturers to remain competitive by producing high-quality products
Provide quality parts while controlling costs. (
Advanced Polymer alloy, 3521 silver side road.
Wilmington, Germany 19810)
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