March on environmental incidents, involving environmental you lived resistance!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
This year's environmental action, seemed to come more violent than normal. In late February in hebei, shandong cities start heavy pollution weather emergency early warning and response, many manufacturing enterprises just celebrating the holiday starts production, limit production. Then after entering march, although shandong for better end stop polluting air leak, but extended tangshan heavy pollution response, shaanxi more start to leak. Tangshan: to extend the heavy pollution weather emergency response level Ⅰ notice according to the city people's government on March 5, 2019 on the extension of the heavy pollution weather Ⅰ level emergency response notice requirements: tangshan heavy pollution weather to command decision, on March 6, 8, continue to start the heavy pollution weather Ⅰ level emergency response, remove time prior notice, all emergency response measures on February 28, according to the municipal government of heavy pollution weather Ⅰ level on the start of the emergency response notice and municipal party committee office, the municipal government office of the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in March to strengthen controls implementation plan '( Tang office [2019] no. 7) The provisions of the strict execution. According to understand, handan environmental situation, tend to be serious, environmental protection inspectorate wuan region has entered enterprises. Cangzhou cangxian: in heavy pollution weather red alert production big check action recently, cangxian ecological environment bureau joint county public security bureau to Wu kokuryudo township, wang part shop township enterprises, is the various emergency measures to carry out the situation of heavy pollution weather. Jiangsu: 8 cities along the Yangtze river to start the heavy pollution weather yellow warning, according to jiangsu ecological environment agency of the provincial environmental monitoring center and the provincial meteorological observatory in consultation with, and affected by adverse weather conditions, the air quality in jiangsu province gradually slip, on March 6 afternoon is expected to air quality of moderate - 8 along the river city Severe pollution to the heavy pollution weather emergency plan of jiangsu province yellow warning starting conditions. Since March 5, 18, nanjing, suzhou, wuxi, changzhou, zhenjiang, yangzhou, taizhou, nantong, yangzhou eight yellow warning city to start the heavy pollution weather. Xian: release heavy pollution level III response, focus on gas industrial enterprises execute Ⅱ magnitude response according to the shaanxi heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters office heavy pollution weather early warning and emergency scheduling '( Shanxi heavy pollution weather do [2019] no. 13) Requirements, approved by the xi 'an heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters, headquarters of heavy pollution weather office decided to publish the yellow warning information, on March 3rd level 16 issued a yellow warning and start Ⅲ emergency response. Among them, the key stakeholders gas industrial enterprises execute orange alert and start Ⅱ level emergency response. Weinan: start the heavy pollution weather Ⅲ level emergency response compulsory measures for reduction of metal processing industry: aluminum rolling processing industry production, steel rolling processing industry production rolling process; Rubber and plastic industry, rubber products, silicone products, such as the upstream suppliers, spray printing production machinery and equipment manufacturing: production blasting process in paint production process; Architecture industry: outdoor spray suspend operation. The casting industry: at all ( Contains alloy casting, electric furnace, gas furnace) ; Building materials industry: at all ( Do not contain gas as fuel gas, gas) ; Furniture manufacturing industry: the enterprise production; Washing coal, raw coal bunker closed libraries have been completed, and unorganized emission control measures are in place in the area of enterprise, reduce material handling frequency (25% To enterprise, transport frequency of 'one factory and a slip' consider) 。 Coking industry: coke time extended to more than 36 hours; Printing industry, packaging printing enterprises to stop production; Chemical industry: the production of solvent coatings and other chemical products enterprises to stop production. Non-ferrous chemical industry: tungsten molybdenum smelting enterprises can not meet the special emission limits, all production, achieve special emission limit value, restricting output by more than 30%, in the production line; Non-ferrous chemical industry: tungsten molybdenum smelting enterprises can not meet the special emission limits, all production, achieve special emission limit value, restricting output by more than 50%, in the production line. This article source: steel kingdom
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