Making a Custom Silicone Gaskets in a 3D Printed Mold

by:Keyuan     2020-06-28
This instruction is about casting silicone washers with 3D printed PLA mold on Ultimaker (See video here).
It shows how to model the mold in Autodesk Fusion360 and then 3D print in 4 aligned parts.
Use the syringe to force the silicone to be injected directly into the mold.
Silicone gasket is a part of the product model I am making.
This project needs the following: 3D software creates data for your mold, I print the mold using Autodesk Fusion Jingdong 3D printer or access the mold, I use UltimakerX-
To clean and trim the 3D printed parts, I used GI-
Miles from Silicone Inc. 1040
I got mine from innovative polymers.
Digital cooking scale for accurately mixing silicone to grams-
Protective latex gloves to prevent the body from sticking and absorbing harmful substancesMixing Cup -Mixing stick -
Wax paper or aluminum foil to prevent silicone from entering the working surface
Kitchen timer so you know how long you have to work
A well-lit workplace
60 ml the syringe injects silicone into a 3D printed mold: vacuum tank/chamber and heating tank/container to speed up the curing of silicone resin, a pigment, make your parts a specific color other than the silicone color in stock. I have a very good idea of the diameter and section that my gasket has to have and was able to model it quickly in Fusion 360.
From there, we are going to make a mold for the gasket, which can be easily assembled and disassembled once the silicone is installed.
I chose the main race (
Watch the video here)
It has three rings that can be placed inside to form silicone with the type of parts I need.
The ring suddenly enters the main race and the space left inside will be filled with silicone to make the gasket.
One of the pictures shows the rendering of the third ring in a clear race to better illustrate the concept.
The video also shows assembly and disassembly.
I \'ve made four molds in total so I can try some changes and see what works best. I made the .
Stl file for each mold and its corresponding ring and print it out on the Ultimaker 3D printer.
They are used about. 01-.
There is a 02mm offset between horizontal-sized parts so that they can be assembled together under minimal cleanup.
This is important, otherwise you will spend a lot of time making 3D printed parts instead of making washers.
It\'s time to mix silicone. I used GI-1040.
I made it with innovative polymers.
They\'re my local silicone dealer.
Put on gloves, take out your scale and mix up what you need.
I mixed up about 30 grams.
See the video for more details.
Make sure you put some wax paper or aluminum foil on the work surface to protect it.
Use a digital kitchen scale set to grams (
Don\'t waste time on standard ounces).
Mix the right amount of silica gel and catalyst as recommended by the manufacturer.
If you want your gasket to be different from the standard color, you can add a color to this point.
Use good mixing sticks with square edges so you can mix these things at the bottom of the Cup.
Mix well and mix some more.
The pot life of most good silicone is quite long, so take the time to mix it well.
If you have a vacuum tank, you can go.
Refuel Your material and you\'ll want to put it in the tank for about 20 minutes to get rid of the air you just mixed into the silicone when you add the catalyst.
Next, we will focus on putting silicone into the mold. . . .
Silicone is now ready to fit into the mold.
Because it will be very thick to pour the mold, we will inject it with a syringe.
Check out the video to get a better idea of how to do this.
I used a 60 ml syringe.
It has a large opening so it is relatively easy to pour the silicone into the syringe and then add the piston.
Before I inject the material into the mold, I use my vacuum tank to remove any air left in the syringe.
I place the tip of the syringe on the mold and gently inject the material into the mold cavity.
I walk around the syringe at the round opening of the mold to fully fill the mold.
Once the silicone enters the mold, it\'s just a matter of waiting for the mixture to solidify so you canmold.
I got the silicone all night.
This silicone has a curing time of about 16 hours.
I added some heat in the evening to heal it to add the healing time to my hot can for about 12 hours.
For more details about my heated pressure tank and settings, see the video.
The next morning, I took out the mold with cured silicone and started removing the mold to get the gasket I just made.
First of all, I used X-Trim the extra spill silicone on the top of the mold
Acto blade, you can also use the scalpel here if you have a scalpel.
I then hook it with a toothpick and remove the ring inside the race to reveal the finished washer.
Once you cancel
Mold silicone, you can try it out on your app.
See the video and see me test the gasket and observe its function.
For the model I made for this product, the effect is very good.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial, follow me, share it with friends who may like this, subscribe to my videos on Youtube so that you get alerts when I post a new one.
Leave your comments below and let me know how your project is done.
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