maker of silicone breast implants says data show them to be safe

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Dow Corning officials were criticized by silicone breast implants and today reiterated their belief that breast implants is safe and tested for what they said to prove this
Robert T: \"reliable scientific evidence suggests that implants are safe and effective . \"
Rylee, head of Dow Corning\'s healthcare business, said at a news conference today. Mr.
Rylee says the debate over implants has become \"a tragedy for millions of women who desperately need them \".
\"Call to produce DataDr. David A.
Food and Drug Commissioner Kessler effectively removed the implants from the market last week while waiting for a panel of experts to review the newly obtained safety data. Mr.
Rylee said today that he did not see this new data and called on Dr.
Kessler produces them.
Dow Corning and its wholly owned subsidiary, Dow Corning Wright, Tennessee, submitted hundreds of scientific research reports on silicone gels and implants.
These studies show that the implants are safe, he said.
Dow Corning, a joint venture between Dow Chemical and Corning, is the largest manufacturer of silicone breast implants in the United States.
Mr. data\'s advertisement
F reviewed Rylee\'s discussion last year. D. A.
Although the agency allowed implants to remain on the market on the grounds of \"public health needs\", it was rejected as insufficient.
\"Some new information comes from rheumatism and is related to the possibility that silicone in the body may cause serious reactions that cause the body\'s defensive ability to attack the body\'s own tissue years over a period of time.
In addition, the new information also includes a number of internal memos between company officials that cast doubt on the credibility of the company\'s research.
The New York Times received a number of memos from the company that were reported today, along with the company\'s implant research and many interviews. Mr.
Rylee expressed strong opposition to the New York Times report, which also cited internal documents from company researchers asking for more tests.
These documents suggest that the company\'s scientists believe that critical safety research has been delayed for more than ten years, and that the company has inserted implants in the experiment before women test on animals, for the sake of safety, it may have never tested breast implants in animal breasts, but used other parts in animals. Mr.
Rylee called the article \"completely a false description of the facts. \"Mr.
Rylee did not deny the authenticity of the documents.
But he said, \"the internal memo is not science.
He added: \"This is a two-sided print record
Way of talking.
The real question is, what does science say?
\"The articles distract people from real issues, the safety of the implants, and the scientific evidence that supports or opposes them, he said.
The Wall Street Journal also published an article on the matter.
Implants related to the IllnessCritics of the implants indicate that they may break or slowly leak the silicone filler into the body.
New data indicate a possible association between silicone, which can migrate from the breast to other areas and can be automatedImmune DiseaseToday, Mr.
Rylee said the company knew in 1975 that silicone would flow from the implant into women and that silicone would move through the body.
But he says scientists at the company don\'t think silicone will have a serious impact on health.
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Rylee also released a summary of the report today
Albert Cole, a scientist hired by Dow Corning, reviewed its data. Dr.
Kolbye, a former food administration official with the Food and Drug Administration, said his comments showed that\"
Dow Corning Wright\'s breast augmentation products are reported to be safe and effective. \"Dr.
Corby says five studies are key.
These studies reviewed the doctor\'s records of about 1,000 patients. Dr.
Kolbye said his comments showed that 5% of women had some complications after implant surgery, but less than 1% had serious complications. Mr.
Rylee said the studies did not test whether there was silicone in these women.
He said the study did not ask about the symptoms of the carimmune disease.
These studies focus primarily on complications of concern to plastic surgeons-
The implant is surrounded by internal scars that are hard and sometimes painful.
Ted Weiss, a Manhattan Democratic representative, said after a press conference that he had been working on the safety of silicone implants and reviewed all Dow Corning\'s studiesD. A.
The Justice Department should investigate Dow Corning\'s actions.
He said that the company\'s research is not enough to answer even the most basic questions about the fate of silica gel and implants in the body, especially over the years, because only a small number of women who have been reviewed have been implanted for more than five years.
Many of the complications reported by the doctor occur between 5 and 15 years after implantation.
AdvertisementHe also said that his document raised the company\'s \"serious problems with brand errors and scientific misconduct \".
\"If the company makes an untrue Security statement, then under the law the company is making a false statement and branding the product,\" he said . \". Mr.
Wes said that a team at the agency had rejected Dow Corning\'s data, and internal documents \"showed that Dow\'s own scientists had expressed serious security concerns that the company had ignored for more than 10 years.
If, as Dow claims, the public only hears one side of the story, it is Dow\'s duty to post all internal memos that they continue to hide. \"Mr.
Wes is the chairman of the sub-committee of the Government Operations Committee with the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration. The F. D. A.
The advisory group will re-convene on February 11 to consider new evidence regarding implants. But Dr.
Both the group and F, says Kessler. D. A.
I will reconsider whether many of the studies that Dow Corning has reviewed indicate that the implants are safe.
A version of this article appears on page A00001, national edition, January 14, 1992, with the title: silicone breast implants manufacturers say the data shows they are safe.
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