lost wax casting information and types of lost wax casting

by:Keyuan     2020-06-15
Lost wax casting is called Cire Perdue in France.
This is a process of casting bronze with the artist\'s sculpture.
Wax loss casting method is also known as investment casting method in th. . .
Lost wax casting is called Cire Perdue in France.
This is a process of casting bronze with the artist\'s sculpture.
In the modern industrial world, wax loss casting is also called investment casting.
This is a very old method of casting small bronze sculptures, but today it is used to make many different works of art, the craft varies from foundry to Foundry.
Today, this developed wax loss casting method is used to make details such as fine jewelry, display pieces, tooth restoration, some specific industrial parts, and some machine tools.
LostWax casting process: rough sculptors: Creative Artists make original sculptors or molds or artwork by using raw materials such as wax, Paris plaster or clay.
Since these materials maintain their softness, a mixture based on clay and wax is preferred.
Final mold making: then make the mold according to the original sculptor.
The mold consists of two pieces, and during construction a key with a gasket is placed between the two pieces so that the mold can be put back together accurately.
Molds are usually made using plaster or fiberglass or any other material that may be suitable.
Put the internal model of latex, vinyl or silicone into the pup to save the details of the original artwork.
Usually, in the initial stage of deconstruction, original works of art made from cracks and fractures of plaster models.
Many times, computable molds are needed to obtain accurate replicas of the original artwork.
Filling mold: once the latex and plaster molds are completed and completed, moltenwax is poured into the mold until there is a uniform coating around the mold.
The thickness of the wax coating is about 1/8.
Then repeat the process until the required thickness is reached.
Removal of wax image: then remove the hollow wax image of the original art work from the mold.
The original mold can be used to make more wax figures, but the repeated use of the old mold is limited due to the wear of the original mold.
Softening: then chase or soften each wax mold with a heated metal tool.
Metal tools rub around parts that show cracks or mold connections where the parts gather together.
Then heat and attach the wax pieces that are individually formed.
Then, to hide any defects, trim the finished mold.
The last one looks like a bronze sculpture.
Make the path to form Bronze: It is also called \"wax spray\", in short, a copy of the wax then branches with branch-like wax so that the melted bronze reaches the right place and also helps the air to escape
Start with the top of the wax copy, critical and careful spray.
The top of the copy is connected to the different points on the wax copy through the wax cylinder.
Mud, burn out, test, pouring, release, metal-
Chasing and painting is the last step in the process of wax loss casting.
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