Loose the silicone raw material prices, silica gel products factory whether can store some silica gel materials

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Recent silicone than the price of raw materials at the beginning of the rise of ease, and even has a tendency to lower the price! I don't know because the years, or because the cause of the end of may or early June! The silicone raw materials manufacturers offer is also recovered. And watch the news friends should know that in the recent a trade war with China also! At this time of the silica gel is the test of raw materials for the next price loudly or will reduce the price? Loose the silicone raw material prices, silica gel products factory whether can store some silica gel material to prevent the next price? Or should continue to wait for might reduce the price! For the silicone raw material price cut, with recent trade war may have a little relationship, and I think all the volume reduction of the enterprise, and silicone raw materials manufacturers at the beginning of this year due to rise rapidly, a lot of silica gel products factory are all kinds of stock, and now met the side of the trade war so as to reduce business! Leads to oversupply, silicone raw materials manufacturers can only to price cuts go move for sales! If single from this perspective, the silica gel products factory is now in the price point could produce some of the goods at the factory and arrange another time to have softened. Of the above is the silicone raw materials, but from another perspective, if its own the lion's share of the silica gel is now a processing industry of raw materials, that is to say, now also have a lot of silicone raw materials production factory for the production of the thumb silica gel, then it is very promising next will has been landslide in price! As a silica gel products factory, in recent years have focused on the major national silicone raw materials manufacturers, from a few hundred, to many, many family just like the silicone products factory all over the country. So it is very likely is the silicone raw materials suppliers have now very much silicone! From the point of paper, yunnan, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, north around has quite a few large silicone raw materials such as producers, are now offer for test mode, so now, I suggest that the silicone products factory in the node to store a little bit, not much, from this perspective, test will be a long process! Or there will be more test. The so-called supply can only price cut this way! Now a lot of raw materials for production are in reaching down! ! ! So this time can't hold back, in a month to see prices! To consider.
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