looking for love: unhappy japanese men turn to silicone sex dolls

by:Keyuan     2020-07-03
The little cherry tree takes a shower with his silicone sex doll Mayu.
Image: belouz Mehli/AFPSource: when masayozozaki\'s marriage lost its fireworks, he found an unusual way out to fill the romantic void
The silicone sex doll he swore was his life\'s favorite. The life-
The size dummy named Mayu shares Ozaki\'s bed under the same roof as his wife and teenage daughter in Tokyo, an arrangement that triggered the final announcement of a delicate truce
\"After my wife gave birth to the child, we stopped having sex. I felt deeply lonely . \"year-
In an interview, the old therapist told AFP.
\"But when I saw Mayu in the showroom, it was love at first sight,\" okaki blushed, who was in a wheelchair dating with his doll and dressed her with a wig, sexy clothes and jewelry
Outside the apartment in Tokyo, Xiao is standing with his silicone sex doll Mayu. Picture: AFP.
Source: a happy couple. Picture: AFP.
Source: AFP \"my wife was very angry when I first took Mayu home.
\"She endured it reluctantly these days,\" he added . \".
When my daughter realized it was not a huge Barbie doll, she was frightened and said it was disgusting --
But now she\'s old enough to share Mayu\'s clothes.
\"In a country that has lost its magic power, Miyazaki is one of the more and more Japanese men turning to rubber romance.
He also admitted to being bound by relationships.
\"Japanese women are very indifferent --
He said he was walking by the sea with silicone.
\"They are selfish.
\"Men want someone to listen to them when they get home from work and don\'t complain,\" Ozaki added . \".
\"No matter what problem I have, Mayu is always waiting for me there.
I love her so much that I want to be with her forever.
\"I can\'t imagine going back to someone.
I want to bury with her and take her to heaven.
Removable head of silicone sex doll.
Picture: AFPSource: in Tokyo Bay, afpmasayozozaki took his silicone toy Mayu away.
Image source: AFPAround 2,000 life-like dolls —
Priced at $6,000 with adjustable fingers, removable head and genitals
According to industry insiders, Japan sells every year.
Read more: the brothel says sex dolls are now more popular than real women, \"Technology has made great strides since those pesky inflatable dolls in the 1970 s, \"General Manager, Oriental Industry, tsuo doll manufacturer.
\"They look very real now and feel like you are touching the skin of a human being.
\"More men buy them because they feel they can communicate with dolls,\" he explained . \".
With the declining birth rate in Japan, more and more people
Known as \"herbivor \"--
They gave up their love and traditional male values and lived a quiet, uncompetitive life.
Yoshitaka Hyodo is a military enthusiast who lives alone but has an understanding girlfriend who has more than 10 livessize dummies —
Many of them were scenes when he went to fantasize about wartime in military uniforms.
But he claimed to have reduced doll sex.
\"For me, now it\'s more about connecting on an emotional level,\" 43-year-
Old blogger, when he found a burnt mannequin on the street, his curiosity was aroused at a very young age.
\"People may think I\'m weird, but it\'s not the same as collecting sports cars.
\"I don\'t know how much I spent, but it\'s cheaper than Lamborghini,\" he said . \".
Sasaki is posing for his silicone sex doll in Tokyo\'s bedroom. Pictured: AFP.
Source: as researchers work hard to develop the next generation of dolls, users of AFPFuture dolls can expect more returns for their money
A generation of sexy robots who can talk, laugh and even simulate climax.
But now, the length of Saki
The distressed wife, Riho, tried to ignore silently laughing at her rubber girl from her husband\'s bedroom.
\"I just keep doing the housework,\" she sniffed.
\"I cook dinner, clean and wash clothes.
I chose to sleep instead of having sex.
Talk about sex doll harmony 2.
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