Listed chemical enterprise repeatedly to raise prices, why plastic material prices frequently?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
PBT and PET are two important engineering plastics, it has to do with silicone rubber products have the same effect, organic silicone products in the industry with plastic, PU, PET and so on material has the effect of combined, main is widely used in electronics, instruments and automobile industry, its flame retardant products are used in flame retardant components in high demand. Because of the boom in upstream raw materials PTA, recent companies released the price increase letter of PET and PBT. So where is the main factor is the increase price? PBT8 on June 20th, blue star group in nantong blue engineering plastic co. , LTD. For its Starester? Modified PBT: raised 800 yuan/ton. On August 14, changchun chemical ( Jiangsu) Co. , LTD. , issued to all CCP PBT products price adjustment, specific to raise RMB 800 / MT, and in the day. On August 13, changchun chemical ( Zhangzhou) Co. , LTD. , release to LONGLITE? PBT, price adjustments, according to the product specifications from 300 ~ 500 yuan per ton, After tax) The execution. PET8, dupont aimed at dupont Rynite? Modified polyethylene terephthalate ( PET) The price adjustment. On September 1, 2018, dupont Rynite? Series product price increase 300 dollars/ton ( Is equivalent to 2074 yuan/ton) , special products could be higher.
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