liquid silicone rubber processing at its best.

by:Keyuan     2020-06-15
The medical technology department in Arburg has put forward a requirement that a machine be docked in a clean room and carried out accurate lsr metering.
It is said to be iso gmp iso 6-
7 compatible solution, 470 Aoperates docked in the clean room.
It produces disposable hoses for infusion pumps.
See arburg for a moment to learn about and watch the video. Com/en/gb/media-
Especially in the field of medical technology, it is necessary to accurately meet the requirements of the original equipment manufacturers and users.
Here, Arburg\'s modularproduct range has unique advantages as it makes production units configurable and allows them to adapt precisely to the production needs of customers.
Further benefits include a variety of cleaning
Room concept and Arburg comprehensive expertise in medical technology and LSR processing, as well as opportunities to work with competent partners.
This means that customer support is fully guaranteed from start to debug the appropriate system.
Fast and accurate motor. The molding machine selected for the project is a fast and accurate 470 a motor with a clamping force of 1,000 kN.
Driven by planetary gear liquid cooling, it has proven to be the ideal choice for customer requirements for cleanliness and shootingto-
Repetitive shooting. Ade-
The ionised clean air cover creates a slight overvoltage in the clamping device area, preventing foreign objects in the ambient air from entering the production area, thus achieving ISO Level 6 manufacturing.
Specially installed conveyor belts are used to transport parts directly from machines located in gray areas to clean rooms without further contamination.
The parts are then further processed in the clean room.
Because through-the-
The method of the wall, clean
The room now is much smaller and easier to manage than before.
Personal machine equipment eight-
Austrian LSR expert Rico has manufactured cavity molds, which are specially equipped with an electric Full Circle Machine for LSR processing.
LSR cylinder modules with special screw geometry and additional interfaces, for example, for a dose system, the machine also has many important LSR-
Specific options.
For example, these include an additional mold heating circuit and an interface for an external brush and demoulding device that can be pneumatic or servo-drivenelectrically.
By controlling the different pin-off options, the device is rounded-
Turn off the system and completely-
Integrate the vacuum system with graphical display and monitoring through the Selogicamachine control system.
2 km dose system servoelectrically-
Drive SilcoStar e-
Km flow, equipped with a drive system, can drive the pump centrally, very accurate operation.
This means there are four familiar problems.
Pump system can be avoided effectively.
Modern PLC control systems with displays enable keyboard input for machines and production parameters. The servo-
The electric shaft of the system can be accurately adjusted and positioned to generate energy
In the case of no loss of materials, efficient, highly repeatable dosing process.
A feature of mold technology LSR processing is that these two material components are directly mixed only upstream of the machine cylinder module.
The cold runner system in the mold delivers the materials that have already been mixed that have not been cured directly into the hot mold cavity.
Liquid silicone at about 20-25[degrees]C.
In addition to saving materials at identified material injection points, the advantages of this process include improved automation and shorter cycle times.
It is possible to rely on a cold runner system to prevent cross-connections of silicone.
After this, however, the reaction in the cavity is very rapid.
The LSR mold structure is complex because the old gate passage needs to be insulated from the hot mold, but the \"cooling\" area actually has to be maintained at a very special, narrow temperature level.
If this is not successful, it is a time to remove the hardened material from the casting channel sand type-consuming task.
To avoid this, very sensitive and precisely controlled doses and cold runner components are now used.
For example, Rico cold runner technology allows direct injection of parts without loss of quality.
The mold concept includes a core rod that holds the part in the cavity and then disassembles the part when it is detached from the open mold using a peel plate.
The stripping board function can be programmed through the motor control system.
Cycle time is 18 seconds.
LSR hoses are widely used in medical technology. The special performance of liquid silica gel means that the LSR mold is particularly suitable for medical technology applications.
The silicone hose produced is used to deliver peristaltic pumps for sensitive liquids in a sterile environment.
These include infusion pumps and dialysis pumps, as well as cardio machines.
Disposable supplies such as silicone hoses are used to ensure maximum hygiene.
The LSR is very heat resistant, flexible and has excellent resilience.
For medical technology, good resistance is essential for standard and multiple sterilization procedures.
Simple dyeing and applicability to the combination of various metals and plastics make liquid silicone ideal for a wide range of applications.
Because it is considered physically safe, LSR isideal is used in medical technology.
The market for LSR applications is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, in part because of the increasing availability of materials.
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