Liquid silicone products technology have what advantage

by:Keyuan     2020-09-04
In custom silicone products production process, the process will determine the value of the silica gel products and market, the current liquid injection and solid moulding technology is a more common way of processing, and food grade liquid silicone USES is made of platinum catalyst, the processing technology of the product can be said to be at present as a class of high quality, relative to the understanding of silicone rubber products processing process, as long as you can accept the cost of production and processing, basically can choose liquid silicone technology, what on earth is to choose the prominent advantage of it? Liquid silicone with transparency, strong resistance to tear strength, resilience, yellow resistance, thermal stability, water resistance, good permeability, aging resistance and weatherability, moderate viscosity sex at the same time, good liquidity, easy operation, product high transparency. Liquid injection molding liquid silicone, which started in the 1970 s of the liquid silicone rubber injection molding method gradually popularization, nowadays, as a kind of silicone rubber molding method has been approved, the first to the commonly used method of LIMS. If use a word to explain the LIMS ( Liquid silicone rubber injection molding) , is the addition type liquid silicone rubber with pump to the injection moulding machine, curing method in the model. From these two methods of process flow and the difference of curing reaction, there are a few points: (LIMS advantages 1) Save manpower, material transporting, metering, mixing, injection process to achieve continuous automation, such as reducing power consumption ( 2) Can improve the production efficiency, through rapid solidification to further shorten the molding cycle. ( 3) To improve the quality of our products: no reaction by-products generated, no impurities mixed with ( 4) Suitable for composite forming: good liquidity in the material, the molding pressure is low, and the curing temperature range wide, therefore, can be carried out in addition to able to insert molding compound shape. 2, LIMS is the latest developments in technology at present is not only by has the advantages of simple mixing pattern transition to a LIMS method, and is actively to develop in the direction of the following two (recently 1) Automatic molding: no flash, no flow of fully automated molding process, automatic stripping, people from many aspects, such as injection machine, mould, materials were studied. It's not just on the process operation can save manpower, and because it won't create useless curing, so the material cost reduction, from the perspective of both environmental protection and the method also popular attention. For automotive skeleton oil seal the forming, micro silica gel products, such as its shape cycle ( From the injection next injection) Within the 10 s, can do it such a very short time ( 2) Composite forming: clip insert forming, the form of the binary shape because of the crosslinking reaction is addition curing, so forming at low temperatures. Because of the crosslinking reaction of no residue of peroxide decomposition by-product generated, so in principle without secondary sulfide. So can be overall molding, and resin by coating the bottom enchase molding on coating material, make the sealing parts and the skeleton as a whole the binary shape have also started to spread. Excellent properties of silicone rubber products ( Heat resistant, plug resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, flame retardant, etc. ) 。 Due to these properties, shape based on the fully automatic forming of environmental protection, and the whole of metals, organic resin molding, it is possible to material itself, be coloration is transparent, so its application scope involves many fields, such as ( Computer, mobile phone etc. ) Silicone buttons, silicone nipple, Copiers, printers, etc. ) Rubber roller, pipe joint seal, oil seal and other automotive silicone seal parts, television tube anode caps, diving supplies etc. 3, no glue edge/no flow automatic molding materials in recent years, in terms of liquid silicone rubber injection molding, a kind of said 'no glue edge, no runner molding methods become available. It is no useless cured without secondary processing of forming method, which is a kind of no injection port, port ( , it doesn't happen even with curing) , does not produce waste rubber molding method. In order to implement the molding method, the structure of the model and parting surface roughness, and the calculating of injection machine, discharge must meet the precision requirement, even in the material must also be difficult to generate waste plastic material. Into the rubber mold cavity after full of cavity, because the rubber is overmuch, or due to factors such as the thermal expansion of silicone rubber, rubber into the parting surface, after curing has become a waste rubber edge. If the parting surface design more narrow, it will be difficult to generate waste rubber edge, but at the same time, the air is not easy to go to, then become a finished product contains bubbles originally compared with the previously used materials, the curing curve of the material into a rapid transition state ( From the start to the end of the curing curing time is short) 。 By selecting the appropriate injection condition of this kind of material, namely before the material is full of cavity, curing has yet to start, material liquidity is very good, but when the material is full of cavity, the solidification end immediately, even if there are residual stress, the material will not flow to the parting surface, prevent waste rubber edge.
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