Liquid silicone products have impurities spots, how to solve

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Liquid silicone bag in liquid silicone rubber products pollution and uneven mixture of dirt, liquid silicone mold, operating protection and silicone paste incompatible reasons and solutions. Liquid silica gel is the cause of the pollution: silica gel mixing impurities pollution is received. Solution: with new, clean silicone rubber material material production. Liquid silicone caused by uneven mixture of reasons: uneven AB a two-component mixed lead to impurities. Solution: adjust the agitator rotational speed and back pressure, direction, time can be extended when necessary. Liquid silicone mold problem caused by the reasons: the silicone mold residues. Solution: thoroughly clean silicone mold residues. The operator factors: operator did not wear Labour protection glove, error, etc. Solution: change regularly gloves, the standard operation procedure silicone paste incompatible causes of: silicone paste mixing inequalities, Or paste dispersed, precipitation) , because of all kinds of silica gel composition is different, the paste will have difference, it is recommended to use rubber manufacturers matching color paste. Solution: replace the paste according to compatibility with liquid silicone.
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