Liquid silicone peace pressure silicone product difference

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
The production of silicone products leave the silicone molding process, while the silicone molding process according to different products, different silica gel, divided into solid silicone molding process, liquid silicone molding process two kinds big, solid silicone molding process is what we call flat silica gel. That what is the difference between two kinds of process to produce a product? A, liquid silicone liquid silicone, just as its name implies, liquid, and silica gel, pressure of the flat is the silica gel after produced by mixing let stand again into the feed tube, injection molding. Liquid silicone products, generally is common consumers, similar baby supplies, kitchen supplies, medical supplies, such as the quality request is higher, environmental non-toxic tasteless products, such as the pacifier, stethoscope silica gel sets, etc. , these liquid silicone products, high-temperature resistance, surface smooth, without blemish holes, there is no seam, grinding marks, etc. , and no vulcanizing agent added in the production process. But, by contrast, the mechanical than flat silica gel liquid silicone products, must be careful caress, pressure cannot be too high, such as the pacifier, baking mold and so on, in, after using should be hot water to rinse clean and dry air. Second, flat silica gel and flat silica gel is using pressure molding machine, molding under certain temperature, it has no liquidity, is a solid, through a variety of processing after forming process. Flat silicone products in the production process through the tremendous pressure and heat test, so the flat silica gel used to heat, pressure strong product, the product surface is not as strict as liquid silicone products, there is no other special requirements. Common flat silica gel products in their daily life and industrial complex cases, silicone rubber auto parts such as general heat-resistant, resistant to ozone, ultraviolet resistant products, such as laminating roller wheel, water roller, in addition to static electric bridge near the roller is not direct contact with the human body such as products, use range is very wide. Use suitable products in suitable places, liquid silicone peace silica gel is silica gel production process, but use different, product performance is also different, choose the suitable way, manufacturing products suitable for consumer use.
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