Liquid silicone bag rubber processing

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Along with the development of organic silicon industry, product technology level and the technological requirements of escalating, liquid silicone processing molding process has become the mainstream of the production of silicone products processing way, if anyone want to high quality liquid silicone products, choosing the liquid silicone injection molding processing is without any defects, so the liquid silicon processing technology development trend of the value, as the process of mature liquid silicone production of raw materials is has certain limitation, high hardness of liquid silicone mature technology? Liquid silicone raw material after more than 50 degrees, normally the product processing difficulty will increase, because the liquid silicone molding and solid molding, raw materials belong to the watery paste shape, when stiffness, mixing and preparation will be more troublesome, as the stiffness of material resistance to tear strength will be reduced at the same time, the higher the hardness of the product, the more prone to fracture and damage phenomenon. Liquid silicone seal of high hardness is applied to the many products, the current liquid silicone products in our life, some of the products, which are frequently used both in performance and feel aspects is more advantage, but a lot of silicon factory is reluctant to use high hardness of liquid silicone material, because the higher the hardness of the slower in the mold of incoming materials, production and processing will seriously affect the efficiency and the wastage of the mould, and it's easy to appear high rates of unqualified products. Solid processing technology have already broke through 90 degrees hardness requirement, with mature technology in the future is likely to exceed 100 degrees or higher hardness, and used in liquid silicone production process of high hardness silicone material under the condition of technology is not mature, which need to ensure the strength of the material liquidity and high toughness, also want to ensure that raw materials, in the absence of any additives crosslinker ensure vulcanization molding time and liquidity, so the material has been limited to low temperature and is difficult to break through. But as for the market at present, believe that soon the future high hardness of liquid silicone will gradually break through the limitations of raw materials.
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