Liquid silicone and liquid injection how should choose?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Production technology of liquid silicone with solid silica gel is silicone rubber products processing industry in most types of processing methods, the two kinds of processing technology has been widely used in the production of silicone products. Phyletic and various, and the liquid silicone and solid processing technology also has its own advantages and disadvantages, this also is to let a lot of consumer are difficult to choice, how should choose? Let's know the differences and advantages and disadvantages of different they exist! Silicone products and other products are also divided into san-jiu, product quality in the selection of the effect of different processing methods, the difference of liquid silicone with solid silica gel is here, so when you custom silicone products, like solid processing way is acceptable if it is not necessary to select liquid processing technology, because the cost of the above solid silica gel nasal liquid silicone cheaper, on the choice of the mould is in the same way, but also has a big difference on quality. Product the quality difference between appearance of the parting line, for product appearance solid moulding process is open the mould for feeding and clamping molded curing, and the liquid is incorporating the mold in the mold in the template note material into the mold under high temperature curing, out of the parting line of natural products are difference, and molded silicone products the industry norm of basic line in 0. 1 mm or so, parting line is very thin, so if your product is not a appearance, do not recommend using liquid injection molding process. Each have each benefits, liquid silicone molding products faster than the solid rubber molding speed, and the low temperature platinum sulfide has already been applied to solid molding process, the same product cases where efficiency is less than, and in terms of product structure shape, different products and different, more complex structure for liquid better processing, such as silica gel seal this kind of product that natural selection with a solid process is more appropriate. Solid silica gel with liquid silicone products has so far are high, the price of liquid glue is almost a times higher than the solid rubber material, so in terms of the cost of the product of natural solid glue will be a few taller, and paste and liquid state material is different, the effect of liquid rubber produce silicone products quality is better, better tensile strength of springback, and solid plastic handle is not low. The liquid can reach 99% pure transparent glue, and solid adhesive also can not reach the effect. On the performance and service life of solid silica gel products and liquid glue not big difference, mainly to see the functions of the product, silica gel should they all have some unique performance.
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