lingerie options after mastectomy: what are women\'s choices?

by:Keyuan     2020-06-11
The news of Angelina Jolie\'s preventive bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction left many women confused about their own risks and what they might do under the same diagnosis.
But not all women with breast cancer have the same options for surgery.
Some women will undergo mastectomy (
Division of breast tissue Department), bi-
Bilateral mastectomy (
Lost a breast)
, Any one of some breast reconstruction, or no breast reconstruction at all.
Julie\'s surgery involves inserting breast implants.
Not all women are good candidates for expansion.
Their breasts may have been reconstructed from the skin where the muscles of the stomach or back move.
Healthy breasts will be lifted or enhanced to match the reconstructed breasts.
Nowadays, people\'s aesthetic familiarity with breasts can be created by using techniques that can produce very different scar areas in women.
After the operation, the patient wore a solid back
Surgical bra with floor drain.
More programs may need to be done.
Women often tattoo artificial nipples on their new tattoos --Created breasts.
If it is not a few months, it may take a few weeks for the patient to wear normal clothes. looking bra.
The reconstructed breast looks perfect but doesn\'t feel it.
They don\'t have the same bounce, which makes it easy to wear some styles of underwear, but harder.
They are not simple beauty jobs.
They often do multiple surgeries to make some women feel like they are carrying balloons on their chest.
The proportion of patients with mastectomy choosing breast reconstruction was only 30%.
Since the average age of women diagnosed with breast cancer is 61, many people may not want to deal with additional surgical risks.
Those women can choose to wear silicone breasts, which slide in especially --pocketed bras.
Anita, Amina and Royce are underwear brands that meet the needs of these women.
Others, such as Marlies Dekkers, offer one or two
Put a bra in their regular collection.
There was even an online campaign asking Victoria to make the secret of a pocket bra.
But most women seek personal help from a rich man.
Trained lingerie retailer specializing in post-decoration
Surgical patients
Another option for women is to choose a custom breast prosthesis.
These can be cast before surgery and are intended to replicate the shape, feel and weight of the lost breast.
They can also fill the sunken area of the removed tissue during mass resection.
The custom silicone breast prosthesis is suitable for women\'s unique body and scar areas.
Many insurance companies pay for surgical reconstruction, breast shaping, and bras with pockets.
Surprisingly, the breast is the only part of the body that is not covered in medical insurance and can be replaced with a custom prosthetic.
There is a petition online to change the law, but it has received almost no signatures and legislation in Congress has stalled.
The custom breast prosthesis will allow many women to continue wearing their familiar underwear without having to buy any form or special bra.
What do you think?
Should there be more options for women after mastectomy and mastectomy?
Should underwear brands do more to meet their needs?
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