Letter is silicone rubber half year performance bulletin, if you think that don't believe in?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Japan has the chemical release half annals, On April 1, 2018 - On September 30, 2018) Performance, operating income of 791. 7 billion yen, year-on-year growth of 13. 9%; Year-on-year increase in net profit of 209. 2 billion yen, 33. 9%. Including organic silicon business operating income of 113. 8 billion yen, an increase of 12. 9%; Net profit of 290. 5. 9 billion yen, rose 16. 7%. Company's main business is divided into PVC & chlor-alkali industry groups ( PVC world first) , semiconductor silicon plate ( Silicon wafer, the world's) , organic silicon plate ( The world's fourth) , electronic business functional materials plate, Resist the world's second, photomask global first) , special chemicals business sector ( The second global pheromone global first, cellulose) And the special technology, trade and service business six major parts. On the other hand Japan letter between the silicone rubber in last year to a year to date in the research and development on organic silicon new materials sales to get more performance breakthrough in mixing rubber, raw rubber, 107, DCM, etc all kinds of rubber operating income of 898 billion yen, rose 28% year-on-year, more silicone downstream of domestic manufacturers in China and from all walks of life the silicone materials are mainly choose the brand letter!
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