Let you experience the real science and technology, VR virtual reality

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Really confusing science and technology, science and technology development speed is too fast, and the realization of VR virtual reality technology let us real life full of wonders, it is a camera improved optical science and technology, let our eyes get the impact of the Angle of view, in the picture on the 3 d effect, why we called virtual reality? Main our eyes can experience a kind of reality is visible in the virtual environment, let our brain experience the power from the virtual virtual, let's take a VR layer in the environment, let you experience the reality of the environment, after take in to watch some horror, adventure above absolute let you panic. In the design of the VR technology and design is very complicated, a total of contains a lot of science and technology combined with accessories, including 3 d design. Stereoscopic 3 d stereo display, stereo sound, etc. , on the appearance of auxiliary tool use blue lenses, plastic shell, silica gel products produced, accessories and so on in accessories above is also be short of one cannot, and take a major role on the silicone accessories, mainly applied to the projection shading effect, on the look and feel better allow customers to experience the look and feel of the effect, if the projection can not light conditions, both sides is not good 3 d observation effect. VR in the future will gradually develop into our leisure life, industrial design, electronic experience, military imitation, spaceflight test and so on will be applied. From now VR projector also gradually open on the consumer market, and silicone products manufacturer, has been in the development of VR design for continuous development, in the design, experience in design, above our sale of VR also gradually opened, used in the design of the above we only the silicone products and accessories of VR production design and development, now our production design and development of VR sales together, also for sale on the market gradually, let more friends to experience a virtual reality. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD. ( Article/naliyouzhuanyeshengc_1. html)
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