Know common printing silicone products processing technology in a minute

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
In daily life, we often use all kinds of silicone products, such as silicone kitchenware, silicone gifts, and silica gel, silica gel protective sleeve, etc. , their innovative design, unique style, design and color is diversiform, many silicone products in surface printing LOGO design, not only can improve the whole level of silicone products, can increase brand recognition through screen printing LOGO brand enough degrees, silica gel printing is a process with the silica gel products from raw materials to finished products; The following is a brief introduction for you several kinds of commonly used silica gel printing process. Bump marker in the process of silica gel products mould processing, through the way of making mould type LOGO, milling LOGO design in the corresponding position, place the silicone raw materials in the silicone mold, silica gel by high temperature vulcanization molding, finally get the silicone products with the LOGO. Silicone screen printing screen printing in the silica gel printing industry belongs to a kind of more mature printing, printed in this way, the patterns of the stereo sense is strong, do not lose, printed after the completion of the basic current screen printing screen clear degree can be very precise. Silicone pad printing pad printing technology is to use the LOGO concave carved patterns, sheet metal by rubber head as a carrier to design printing on the silica gel products, commonly used in the silicone products printing irregular pattern. Silicone color printing color printing process is printing devices will silica gel ink printing ink on the silica gel products, through the ink and silica gel reaction, usually this kind of printing process need silica gel color is white, the second is when printing the clean degree to do printing workshop, otherwise you will after printing on the LOGO or design to produce particles of dust. Silicone transfer printing transfer printing is the design printed on the printing film, through the thermal transfer equipment design transfer in silicone product surface, the printing ink after molding combined with silica gel. Silicon laser carving laser carving technology is in the silica gel surface spray coated black shading feel oil, again by laser engraving the LOGO design of a LOGO design production way, usually with pervious to light effect in some more widely applied in electronic electrical equipment buttons. Besides the above several kinds of printing process, the silicone printing, there are also many other methods such as surface glue, UV transfer printing, water transfer printing and other printing process; Silica gel after printing product design rich layers, color gorgeous not easy fade, have rich stereo feeling and glossiness, and have a certain price, and so on. If you need custom printing silicone products, can contact in foshan!
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