keep your hands on the wheel with the 7 best iphone 7 car mounts

by:Keyuan     2020-07-06
Today, kenusmartphone is integrated with cars, and they may be standard devices.
With our trusted phone, we can play our favorite tracks in stereo, reply to emails with our voice, get directions, and even avoid speed traps in the community --
Traffic-based applications like Waze.
However, it is very dangerous to grope for a mobile phone while driving, so to put your hand on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road, we have written seven best car holders for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
Turn on Bluetooth, let\'s get started.
IOttie Easy One Touch 3 is One of the highest
There is a good reason for the rated car installation on the market.
With a sticky gel pad that can adhere to most surfaces, it can be installed almost anywhere, and as its name implies, it can be locked and released by the push of the finger.
It also comes with a trick telescopic arm that offers four different viewing angles, so no matter what car it is in, or whether the driver is using it, a simple one-button 3 can do the job.
Don\'t worry if you don\'t have an iPhone --iOttie’s one-size-fits-
All designs can accommodate a variety of smartphones and their protective covers without any problems.
Buy one now from: AmazonSimple but effective, TechMatte\'s MagGrip has the features of a more expensive device for a much easier price to get.
Its suction cup adhesive pad allows it to be mounted on a windshield or dashboard with no residue and convenient magnet bond to securely secure your phone Mate in place.
Like iOttie, TechMatte\'s product is generic, which means that this stand may work no matter what smartphone you have.
If you like this kind of thing, it can also be installed as a vent, TechMatte offers 30-if you are not satisfied with it-
Refund guarantee.
Buy one now from: AmazonIf, and if you want to keep the dashboard and windshield clean and away from clutter, you may want a vent hole car holder.
With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to the Kenu body, arguably the best exhaust car stand.
The fuselage uses a rotating rear clamp, either horizontal, vertical or inclined, which can be used on almost any type of vent.
You can even insert a credit card in the back and the body becomes a hand --
Free smartphone stand
When it comes to the mobile phone, the mobile phone itself is fixed with a spring --
The loaded compression bracket is stable and adjustable for bricks of almost any size.
The most important thing is the portability of the unit because there is only 2.
The lightweight body is 7 inch long and easy to put in your pocket.
Buy one from here now: Amazon minimalism is the name of the Mpow vent car stand game.
The unit is only a few inches in diameter and has a low
The key design is a great choice for those who want to save space and money. Yes, at $9.
50 it\'s a little more expensive than the popular magic gear, but you can get two prices and a longer warranty.
Mpow holds the iPhone in place using a magnet and the buyer has two settings options
Attach a bonded metal plate to the back of the phone or place it in a protective case.
Either way, the installation will not damage your phone or let it stick to the dashboard, and the phone can spin freely once the magnet is held.
As a reward, it can be used as a stand for YouTube or Netflix meetings.
Buy one from here now: AmazonWe has covered the dash stand, windshield stand and vent bracket so far, but we haven\'t mentioned another option yet.
The Ipow dashboard pad is essentially a silicon rubber pad that uses friction to hold in place, and since it is not actually installed, it is a good choice for people who often switch between vehicles.
The dashboard for Ipow is very adjustable.
The two rubber brackets on the base can be swiped and moved to accept phones of various shapes, they work in the horizontal and vertical directions of 9 and 14
Phone thick in mm
This is probably the simplest car stand on our list, but in many cases you just need to be simple.
Buy now: AmazonThis windshield installation seems to be a popular option.
Available on Amazon for less than $20, this universal stand is capable of handling almost all smartphones, including your beloved iPhone 7.
Thanks to its widemoued cradle, it even has the ability to hold certain small tablets.
It uses a soft, sticky suction cup mounted on the windshield.
It is then supported by a long and flexible arm with its own support that can be placed on the dashboard.
The rest is history!
Nowadays, the windshield angle and dashboard of the AboveTEK car bracket are very large, which undoubtedly has its advantages.
Now buy one from Amazon\'s best seller, Mpow long arm stand, similar to AboveTEK but not as heavy as AboveTEK
Duties and ratings of things like tablets.
So it can be bought for less than $10, which makes it more attractive.
It can be installed anywhere with a flat surface and a long and flexible arm, which means that the holder can be installed in a number of ways.
Do you need to flip it?
Don\'t worry, 360-
Degree rotation is also available due to its rotation-ball mount.
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