it\'s official — we\'re only using silicone straws from now on

by:Keyuan     2020-05-29
In the past few years, especially in the past few months, we have all seen the evolution of straws.
From plastic, paper, bamboo, glass to stainless steel, it seems that almost everyone jumped on no-plastic-
Straw band-
We are here for it.
According to National Geographic, Americans use more than 100 million plastic straws a day, so it is no doubt commendable to choose any reusable straw.
However, many of these straws are not 100% reliable or functional.
However, the latest members of the straw family are very close.
They are colorful, curved and very practical.
That\'s why we put the other straws down and picked up the silicone ones.
Paper straws are unrealistic, and their chevron patterns or floral details are certainly lovely, but they almost get F in terms of durability and functionality, unless you \'ve finished drinking in a few minutes.
Not to mention, they are still single although they are definitely better than plastic
Use an unsatisfactory straw if you want to reduce waste.
Too much work is required for bamboo straws.
They will definitely give you a natural, non-decorative aesthetic, but if you don\'t try to clean and dry them quickly, bamboo can easily absorb liquid, twist, crack and become rubbish.
As far as glass straws are concerned, glass straws are fragile and they are beautifully displayed in your bar cart or fruity cocktail.
But if you are someone who puts things down a lot, they may not be your best choice.
Stainless steel straws seem to solve all these problems.
They are durable, reusable and stylish.
But they will still give you a copper-colored metallic flavor from time to time, which may not be very good for anyone with sensitive teeth.
Silicone straws are almost perfect to save time.
Reusable and long
These little guys are lasting answers.
The dishwasher is safe and comes with small straws for easy cleaning.
Silicone also stays at room temperature, so drink hot tea with a straw if you want!
They are both flexible and curved, so you can stuff them into your bag or stuff them into the drawer of the kitchen.
To avoid red, you can even cut them into proper wine glasseswine-stained teeth.
Did we mention how interesting and bright they are?
There are colors on every occasion.
So, say goodbye to those useless straws. )
And say hello to the new silicone straw for the ideal drinking experience!
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