IPhone11, strongly recommend that you buy from silicone mobile phone sets

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Everyone is very clear, the change and development of the smart phone, for the friend that after tide is chasing after the launch machine, recent domestic handset gradually rise, make a lot of friends began to huawei, vivo and OPPO well-known brands such as start, but has been closely watched the iPhone is not to be outdone, although now the iPhone in the domestic market efficiency is much less than once upon a time, but still have so much of a friend is favored, recently iPhone11 newly listed by netizens, what should be, and some netizens put forward: for iPhone11 bumpers should be how to choose, suggest that kind of case is more suitable. Today for friends le le for iPhone11 silicone cases should be how to choose, at present from several common cases as we have learned, silicone, TPU, PC, leather and metal that several kinds of materials, so today I just to recommend a fashion contracted mobile phone protection shell, recognition from not only beautiful, also use effect on the function. Amend nylon and silica gel plastic bags is one of the mobile phone protection shell process, which are frequently used in nylon adding silica gel to save it from the original product of softness and hardness, on the basis of the pure silica gel increases the uniqueness of product, this kind of phone cases known as rigid silica gel protective sleeve, in the present many of following from it are take shots, and after dealing with the process after the surface effect is more delicate contracted, worth considering to start! And recommend you to buy the main reason is that it from appearance to function to the price to be able to have more advantages than other cases such as the following questions: 1, the phones are now using full screen organic glass and hard plastic shell, is not very good for protection and resistance, and silica gel has good drop in fall is a very good safety springback buffer, have fairly good bearing capacity can prevent broken, and facing the surface scratch bruised flowers don't have too big problem. 2, rigid inner shell, have better tightness and handle, such as the pure silica gel difference is that it can prevent the cutting tool cutting silicon directly, and after joining ebonite silicone products can completely prevent sharp sharp items directly touch wear protective shells. 3, portable appearance is concise, iPhone11 fuselage itself has a certain weight, so the silica gel protective sleeve on the weight must be strictly controlled, the overall weight of the products in about 30 grams, completely does not affect its effect on body weight, surface electrostatic spray treatment with CRC handle fog effect and frosted surface appearance. 4, price advantage because of silicon cell phone sets manufacturers production technology introduction, after high temperature oil pressure molding, product efficiency and production cycle is faster, so the process is decided by the efficiency of its cost, in terms of price is not the same as the leather and hardware technology, so the cost is low, suitable to all consumers to buy.
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