Inverter silicone key technical difficulties

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Production of silicone buttons, behind the seemingly simple, but there are a lot of difficulties in production and six buttons such as shortly before the production of a frequency converter, the diagram below, the name of a few buttons respectively is reset button, start key/reverse start, increase, reduce the keys, start and stop button, only six key button is gone through twists and turns, the author want to tell you about today, inverter six key production difficulties have? Find we customize this inverter panel is a network client of silicone buttons, he sent on wangwang, drawings, find our mould, then the customer tell us the requirements of the silicone product, is one of the keys to half of the symbols of pervious to light, the other half of character is not pervious to light, and ensure that there be no light-leaking phenomenon, this is a difficult; Second stop button is moulded red, the difficulty lies in the moulding time may appear the phenomenon of excessive color string color, but the customer's requirements is a range of control, to ensure that in. After I receive my collect related demand information, business and engineering to discuss immediately, the best optimization scheme, to avoid unnecessary costs in the process of production. In cooperation with engineering and production personnel, inverter panel of six key production difficulties very well settled, the customer after receiving the goods very satisfied, radium vulture pervious to light, appearance and color are conform to the requirements of the customer, if you encounter various difficulties in the custom, also can come to the consultation, we is customized silicone rubber products, not only can solve your custom problem.
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