Inventory souvenirs yangzhou chosen: paper-cut silicone pad and practical

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
With nearly one thousand kinds of products the first yangzhou tourism souvenirs, small commodities fair has opened four days. At the trade fair, after all what is fresh and interesting 'stuff'? This newspaper invited senior crafts, arts and crafts master of yangzhou PangJianDong scene workshop, the introduction of characteristic strategy. The milky white silica gel pad texture is very soft, from - temperature resistance 40 ℃ to 250 ℃, can do the table mat or on the glass door decoration, can also be baked in the oven, microwave oven to heat food. Master review: all show in the practical sense of folk custom of yangzhou is one of the earliest paper-cut popular area in China, in recent years, many paper-cut artist in yangzhou paper-cut is carried out on the drawing and carrier multiple innovation, the silicone gaskets and yangzhou paper-cut, not only preserved the original view and admire a gender, gives the practicality, folk are also show. Most worthy of collection of yangzhou gardens traveling passport antique light yellow cover, extremely rich texture of paper, the exhibition 'yangzhou gardens travel passport', a lot of tourists immediately into a bag, and said, 'too has the collection value! 'It is understood that the design is inspired by the Shanghai world expo passports. Master review: meet new tourism concept opened the 'passport', can see the designer's intentions. Garden attractions to make paper cutting, and unity, to launch 'travel passport', is a new try on the traditional process. Such tourist souvenirs, yangzhou classical gardens, yangzhou traditional process, also can satisfy the tourists 'seal swims' new tourism concept, very good at fusion and innovation. The most elegant paper-cut mandarin fan mandarin fan is very common, but in the sector of two pieces of silk sandwiched a paper-cut yangzhou attractions, this is the first in the country. 'Revealed the yangzhou city in the classical flavor, elegant and grave. 'Master review: the innovation technique of paper-cut, worth saving mandarin fan originally named fan, from the han dynasty began to appear, originally is a single chip. Yangzhou paper-cut is yangzhou a member of the 'four', 'traditional craft, through innovative technology, will be mandarin fan into two pieces, between the yangzhou paper-cut craft, it make people sigh. The most innovative lacquer painting saucer 12 successive consistent saucer shape, big red above 12 zodiac paper-cut design lifelike. Yangzhou it, celebrity calligraphy and painting, etc were painted on the lacquer ware. 'It takes advantage of the latest research and development of UV lacquer painting spraying process. 'Yangzhou lacquer ware factory staff. Master review: innovative ways and features with the help of machines combined with traditional manual process, not only the realistic effect, compared with similar products before, the new way and has its own characteristics. A traditional arts and crafts, propaganda yangzhou two traditional craft characteristic, is very clever. Impression, light paper lanterns has always been a process of the norm. This time the rabbit lamp and gold fish lamp has the difference, considering the preservation and utility, the designer Royce used electronic lamp placed among them. Not only that, the lanterns with wire is given priority to, the exterior was composed of all kinds of beautiful fabrics match, placed in the home also can have adornment effect. Master review: folk craft should explore more many traditional craft artists are on the road of innovation must be explored, this way not only from the appearance of series of improvement, but also take into account the preservation sex, practical, do manual work is delicate and cute. The grounding gas postcards, yangzhou dialect badge of this newspaper has reported the yangzhou 'after 80' youth HangShuZhi ZhongYi products with '90 after' girl appear one by one. Learned, HangShuZhi and yangzhou 'series of postcards, yangzhou dialect badge and ZhongYi' dongguan street food map 'original works independently, have won a lot of citizens and tourists. Young master review: excavation design to yangzhou new generation of young people, they absorbed a lot of foreign experience of fresh and fashion, with independent creativity, design out more diversified. Therefore, we should explore and provide a lot display platform, jointly promote the development of yangzhou tourist souvenirs. Reporter Xue Shu wen depth thinking yangzhou traditional process how to develop in the future? The first tourist souvenirs, small gift fair, is also to yangzhou tourism souvenir market how to 'go out' a exploration and attempt. Yangzhou arts and crafts building, deputy general manager responsible for the trade fair Wang Jing said, 'these goods are in a strong' elements of yangzhou ', 'yangzhou symbols', on the basis of the maximum and the integration of practicality, industry innovation, to expand the market bigger. 'It is understood that the next step they will also be combined with attractions, drive the yangzhou tourism souvenirs brand, and also through the fair way to display. 'Going out', and the surrounding cities to promote mutual cooperation.
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