Inventory silicone sucker and characteristics of common species

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Silica gel is a sucker by squeezing the air to form a vacuum negative pressure produced by adsorption performance to achieve the fixed handling silicone parts of the object, and decided the main factors of adsorption properties of silica gel chuck can be summarized as structure, material and joint degree; Vacuum suction cups are round, oval, square in shape and appearance, and single, double, multilayer, etc. , in the kitchen now, electronic accessories, machinery hardware, energy chemical industry can use it as a handle fixed tool accessories. Silicone sucker features 1, no pollution: vacuum, special environmental protection, does not pollute the environment, there is no light, heat, electromagnetic, etc; 2, easy to use: no matter be sucked object is made of what material, as long as it can seal, no leakage, can be used. 3, do not hurt: vacuum, because it is made of rubber material, even if often draw down or artifact will not cause any damage. 4, easy to loss, because it usually made of silicone rubber, and frequent contact with the object, so it's easy to wear loss, is also a vacuum device of wearing parts. Often have customer ask our silicone sucker suction is how many? Now tell everyone algorithm, vacuum, suction vacuum, simple calculation, the influence of conservative calculation is a square CM radius equal to how many, how much suction is kg. For example: a vacuum cup plate diameter for 10 cm of suction cups, 10/2 = 5 cm, 5 cm square is 25. It is the biggest suction 25 kg conventional sucker type 1. Flat chuck: variety, a variety of shapes, usually suitable for handling smooth surface of the workpiece; 2. Short bellows type chuck: sucker suction is strong, good buffer, as a small stroke, can be used in the separation of small workpiece; 3. Long bellows type chuck: can apply horizontal greater height difference, and can make a long distance transport action, application scope and short bellows type suction cups are the same. Usually, due to the silicone sucker application range is very wide in our daily life, demand for larger customer Suggestions to find on the net, conventional chuck size has the male spot; If it is unconventional size suction cup can customize mould opening and silicone rubber products manufacturer cooperation, not only support the free open mold in mass customization, price concessions, many!
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