Introduction to the silicone bracelet and silicone bracelet

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Jewelry is a kind of small gift items in our memories, and silica gel a broad categories of jewelry and accessories, silicone accessories are warm welcome by the masses of young girls, the current flowing into the market of silicone accessories mainly or silica gel hand annulus is more, the silicone bracelet is usually according to adults and children ages to points, divided into children's bracelets, bracelets women, adult general hand ring, its specification size, respectively, the 180/190/202 mmx12mmx2mm, width and thickness is worse, basically is the diameter or circumference above has certain differences, according to different purposes and different occasions of use, choice of design also is different, and these patterns can choose screen printing or stamps. Screen printing of silicone bracelet is relatively beautiful, color variety, can print a different color or logo, may also directly stamps to silica gel hand ring, then adopt the way of filling oil, also can achieve the effect of different, feel is different between the difference between the two care about design, stamps silica gel hand ring has concave and convex feeling, and direct screen printing of the silica gel hand ring and bracelet the same flat, almost no change, just like font print to paper is a truth. Now that the number of screen printing is a silicone bracelet is bigger, because it not only can achieve very good effect, is also has a great advantage in price, but the stamps of the silicone bracelet are mainly based on mainly high-grade. Some brand gifts or organization is mainly in the form of such as publicity or advertising. Silicone accessories have a lot of categories, in addition to the silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet, silicone necklace, silicone anklets and so on, can according to different ideas, however, produce the different ideas of silicone accessories. In 2014, the most popular is noctilucent silicone bracelet, silicone manufacturers this bracelet with a diameter of 6. The size of 0 0 cm thickness. 24 cm, the product itself is luminous effect, there are 13 kinds of color online wholesale. And emit blue night light at night, and most are young girls or students as the object of groups, except as a bracelet, also can be directly used as a hair, very popular!
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