Introduction to the liquid silicone injection mold and structure

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Liquid silicone rubber industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, silica gel products application from early medical products to the recent kitchen supplies, development each year to geometric series development. But relative to the silicone rubber industry development, form a complete set of mold has developed slowly, specializing in the production of liquid silicone injection mold manufacturer rarely, can say no, not yet. According to ten years engaged in silicone rubber products production and development experience, summarized several, topic and shortcomings to forget you. A, liquid silicone injection mold the characteristics of liquid silicone injection mold is different from general solid rubber mold, also is different from the plastic injection mould. He has the complexity of the structure of injection mold, rubber mold and need to achieve the processing precision. Second, liquid silicone injection mold structure of liquid silicone injection mold is mainly divided into: 1, plastic injection system. Introducing liquid silicone mold cavity part, this part with similar injection mold structure. In recent years the development of ling runner system is got a lot of popularity. 2, molding parts. Liquid silicone injection mold generally has two lower die, in order to increase machine utilization rate, reduce the cost. Molding part need special control precision in the process of machining, rubber is different from plastic, a little gap will form a batch of feng, this will have serious impact on for later production, increasing the difficulty of subsequent processing, defective rate, and even the whole cavity parts need to be scrapped and redo. Part 3, sulfide. New liquid silicone injection machine this part will be consolidated and no longer need to consider on the mould. ( Vulcanization silicone rubber products production process) 4, stripping section, complex stripping liquid silicone products and plastic mold has a lot in common, also has the structure such as. Three, liquid silicone mold shrinkage of mold shrinkage believe to each and every one in the mould industry is a very headache problem, liquid silicone shrink there doesn't seem to be a certain data, according to internal data rubber products manufacturer, to shrink in 2. 7 - 3. 3%. The original link: xingyexinwen / - 26 209. HTML for reprint please indicate that the source. Related articles read: in this paper, the silicone rubber mold making considerations analysis the pull from mold silicone make poor reason what are the methods of making silicone mold | silicone mold making process steps
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