Introduction to the hardness of silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Hardness of silicone rubber products is a threshold value, product performance is also a lot of customers to custom silicone product are very concerned about the problem, the hardness of determines the purpose and scope of the silica gel products, whether to adapt to the use of the environment and other important indicators, whether can achieve the result of reservation, etc. Generally the hardness of the silicone products is 30 - 80 degrees, in this range, it is more common, but for less than 30 degrees are very few companies in the processing, because of less than 30 degrees is beyond the scope of solid silica gel process, at present our company ( The silicone factory products) The hardness of a product is 10 - 15 degrees, for this product, we use the solid silicone to make this soft degree, this is a great progress, in the industry - 30 - 80 degrees which is ordinary silica gel hardness, suitable for most of the silica gel products. And if you want to customize a lower or higher silica gel products, because of its particularity the price will be higher, production technology will become more complex, defective rate is also higher. At present, xiamen, silicone rubber products co. , LTD. , the production of silicone products minimum hardness of 10 degrees, the highest hardness of 120 degrees of silicone products. Respectively suitable for cosmetic beauty tools industry and hardness larger industrial fittings, etc. Silicone products mostly adopt mixing rubber, silicone molding process is mostly for hydraulic molding machine, the lower the hardness is not only conducive to place material products, also because of the internal structure of the half liquidity bubble in the process of high temperature vulcanization, half liquid adsorption is bigger, which is easier to absorb the air charged dust, so our demand for this kind of product to choose silicone material is very high, at the same time also must use the best curing agent, by increasing the vacuum machine power and improve the mold structure to solve. Too hard silicone material molded the effect not beautiful not easily done mainly lies in the products, production technology of ordinary hard smooth processing of products, product molding, molding the phenomenon such as not full, and easy to fracture in the process of production, increase more production.
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