Insulating rubber and conductive rubber is introduced

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
May be a lot of people to distinguish between rubber and conductive rubber insulation, and it's contradiction, or the following will introduce to everybody respectively under the insulating rubber and rubber conductive rubber. Rubber insulation performance of the high and low, can be divided into three categories: every volume resistivity under 104 ohms, cm for conductive rubber, volume resistivity between 104 ~ 108 ohm, cm for antistatic ( Or semiconductor) Rubber, more than 108 ohms, cm for rubber insulation. Rubber insulation performance related to the molecular structure, can be divided by the polarity of the size of the polar and nonpolar rubber rubber. Chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber, acrylate rubber, polyurethane rubber, polysulfide rubber, chlorohydrin rubber, etc. , all belong to the polarity rubber. Natural rubber, butylbenzene rubber, butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, silicone rubber is a nonpolar rubber. Rubber molecular polarity, the greater the resistivity is smaller, the greater the dielectric loss ( It is related to frequency electric field) , the low dielectric strength. When designing insulation rubber recipe, should choose nonpolar rubber for rubber made by emulsion polymerization, attention should be paid to control the purity of rubber, in order to avoid to produce water soluble ionic residue of rubber insulation performance, the influence of varieties of filler has important influence on rubber insulation performance, in terms of carbon black, should choose the varieties with low structure as far as possible, and under the condition of mechanical properties allow to choose white carbon black, calcium carbonate, clay, mica powder, etc. Plasticizer can choose paraffinic oil, with copper inhibited type stabilizer in the formula, such as N, N '- 2 - β- Naphthyl para-phenylene diamine will help improve the quality of insulation performance. The volume resistivity of all sorts of raw rubber is much higher than the volume resistivity of the conductive rubber, conductive rubber must cooperate to achieve. That is to say, the use of conductive rubber belongs to add type, rubber macromolecule itself is structured on the conductivity of the conductive rubber has not yet been made. In conductive rubber formula was chosen in the design of nitrile rubber, acrylate rubber, neoprene and so on polarity big rubber, so easy to meet the requirements of conductive. Filler selection is very important, should choose high structure carbon black varieties, such as acetylene carbon black, conductive carbon black, black conductive groove, etc. , with 40 quantities of advisable. At the same time and with the right amount of antistatic agent ( Such as aliphatic quaternary ammonium salt) , will help to reduce the volume resistivity, improve the electrical conductivity. Chosen in the formulation of plasticizer, unfavorable to adopt oil varieties, to choose phosphate ester is advisable. Recommend a conductive rubber products: carbon black conductive rubber sheet graphite conductive glass rubber hot silver plated nickel plated conductive rubber articles recommendation: PCB design of conductive silicone buttons and what is the difference between ordinary buttons conductive rubber formula design of rubber and filler selection of all kinds of high conductive shielding silicone rubber ( More than 120 db) The performance of the industry application
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