Insipid in reverse, the upstream part of the silica gel products increase the price again!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Recently, the silica gel products upstream market supply and demand. But under the atmosphere of seemingly insipid, giant dow suddenly issued price, announced that since July 15, an increase in the price of silicone building high-performance business main products, 10%! Once again set off. Announcement, dow has been through a variety of ways to alleviate the pressure of the rising costs, but due to the price of raw materials, environmental protection cost and logistics costs, the impact of the company overall cost structure is still on the rise, prices become a necessity measures! This already is the second time this month, the dow organic silicone products prices. On July 1, dow chemical has just raised the silicone sealant, potting glue, silica gel, thermal interface materials, such as electronic adhesive, price increases of up to 15%! Today announced rises again, and is a bigger building organic silicon products for share. Organic silicon as a whole, the current market is in a state of two light of supply and demand, the market is relatively weak. However, relevant product price is high. This time as an important silicone production of organic silicon products dow chemical an increase in the price of the product, a drop one, to the organic silicon market, especially the downstream silicone supplier market given a boost, in the short term, organic silicon products prices will remain high.
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