In those years, make you fondle admiringly of silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Silicone material that brings our colorful life, in recent years, silica gel this material is common but again common xiangsu products have unconsciously quietly entered our lives, when we sigh the silica gel products to enter the rapidly, have to admit that it is also true that brought color to our life and fun. Silicone manufacturer below small make up just under the silicone products are summarized some common in everyday life, see if you are the fans of silicone products. 1, silicone mobile phone sets of apple 4 mobile phones to use the silicone material to produce silica gel set of soft close skin because of material itself, texture soft, plasticity and other characteristics, to the popular new colorful phone set. Once those with two long ears have cell phone sets of turn you? The design concept of this kind of mobile phone sets are mainly from the rabbit ears, give a person a kind of cute and very feeling. 2, silicone luminous bracelets silica gel hand ring to see those colourful hand ring bracelet will think of those young students, or is himself was once a young, produced this using silicone bracelet not only colorful, will be issued in the evening the blue night light, especially the young girl as a hair accessory to wear to the head, the blue night light in the evening, suddenly very popular. Era of that kind of passion for the college entrance examination, and sisters tao to take the same style bracelet to prove the purity of friendship. 3, silicone kitchenware silicone silicone cake mold silicone mold is is a kind of product of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, cake mold development and design is mainly, according to the demand of the entity of the kitchen, and silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is harmless to human body, high and low temperature resistance, steaming, boiling resistance, resistance to water vapor, green and environmental protection. When you want to make the cake, you are very much looking forward to have a kind of silicone cake mold like this? Bright beautiful colour, lively and lovely shape when I saw it at first glance, that it. 文章/ guijiaochujushiruhes_1。 How HTML silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, respectively, true or false
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