In the production of silicone case need to be the main details

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
'Silicone case' is to become one of hot selling products in the market, is also one of the most common in the silicone products industry protection product, and now is the protection of electronic products, or rather it is the adornment things in our life, the appearance is very important, before a few years to see the silicone mobile phone sets, silica gel plate are very rare cases, so for the quality and appearance are appear drab, main function, or around the protection, research and development personnel did not begin to look seriously, into the popular era of electronic products, in recent years gradually begin to make technical research and development, to the appearance of producing all kinds of shapes, styles, colors of silicone products. So now when silica gel products factory production is all about the importance of appearance, detail the problem of processing production, which need to be main drop function also needs to be refined appearance, let consumer satisfied with the quality and appearance of the product, and for the silicone products manufacturer which details need to pay attention to during production? Product selection problem in the first place, to the ordinary silicone material or food-grade silicone material, all need to try first raw material whether can guarantee the product quality problems, do a qualified shipment, no burrs impurities, percent of pass to do more than 99% before dispatch. Now all kinds of the color of the silicone cases are using different raw materials production, the demand for products also needs to have different promotion. For raw materials mixing, mixing more than 30 minutes to cut material requirements must, in case the product color, result in color difference phenomenon, for black spots of sundry, because the silica gel adsorption force is bigger, move is hard to avoid can adsorption of product within the black dust sundry, must be strictly controlled in any details, do '' man, machine, material, content, room is clean thoroughly, so concluded, products the main factors of unhealthy phenomenon is in the details, only good control every detail of the process, will be reflected in the finished product, rather than later checks to modify. Xiamen silicone products factory - Silica gel products co. , LTD
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