In addition to the silicone gaskets, the seal material make you rise up!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Silicone gasket is refers to between two different objects and objects to keep buffer shock absorption, anti-skid protection effect, is usually used in between the two objects are not interference of stress, prevent damaged part! Although among different industries different gaskets seem insignificant, but it appears to exhibit reduced a lot of threat, so small accessories large effect is that there is saying! And the difference between different gasket material is different, so today we do not understand let friend rose up knowledge, science popularization of the rubber gasket material, the rubber material in different gasket materials in the field of no use, such as silicone gaskets field is adopted by the environmental protection electronic accessories, and other fields, that if you want to apply to water, strong high and low temperature and different environment, how to choose? The past, you should get what you want to choose! 1, silicon rubber is suitable for involvement in daily environmental protection material, because the silica gel products active substance is strong, no any conflict to combination reaction, stable chemical reaction, is used to contact life daily products fully meet the requirements, plus material for any material without conflict, in life has been put into use for a long time! The high and low temperature - resistance 40 to 260 degrees! Avirulent insipidity, 2, natural rubber is suitable for water, sea water, air, inert gas, alkali, salt aqueous solution, such as medium, but not resistant to mineral oil and nonpolar solvents, long-term use does not exceed 90 ℃ temperature, low temperature performance, can be in - More than 60 ℃. 3, nitrile rubber is suitable for oil products, such as oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, etc. , the long-term use of temperature is 120 ℃, as in hot oil resistant to 150 ℃, low temperature to - 10 ~ - 20℃。 4, neoprene suitable seawater, weak acid, weak alkali, salt solution, excellent oxygen and ozone aging resistance, oil resistance is inferior to NBR and superior to other common rubber, long-term use of temperature below 90 ℃, the highest temperature does not exceed 130 ℃, low temperature to - 30 - - 50℃。 More than 5, fluorine rubber varieties, respectively with good acid resistance, oxidation resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance. In almost all of the acid medium and some oil and solvent used in the long-term use of temperature below 200 ℃. No matter in any industry, basic gaskets gasket has been used, such as commonly used in the output pipe, shock absorbing electronic products, etc. , the different function of gaskets gasket can be used to select different materials, and the performance of different material can make the whole product use effect and life become more prominent! 吗? 吗? Silica gel products factory in xiamen? 吗? Home - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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