In 2020, organic silicon industry will encounter bottleneck industry!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
At the beginning of 2020, global war for new crown virus, the affected lead to the extension of the return to work resumption of schooling in crisis in all walks of life, organic silicone industry into turmoil, same upstream silicon from the upstream there are 23 home, located in the worst-hit areas in hubei province has two already gradually return to work with other regional Cabot bluestar, Jiang Xihong cypress, golden concord tech center, xuzhou zte, xuzhou tiancheng, and so on are gradually return to work and production, but affected by the outbreak of the employees return and logistics factors leading to a lower load, will once again usher in a material increase. Know, from the national capacity in 2019 silicone material production capacity reached 142. 30000 tons a year, account for more than half of global output, as the impact of this epidemic in 2019, the annual output is difficult to expect to be broken through hard root according to the current domestic production enterprises with Mr Ken, zhongtian, dongyue with poetic each stop a line. In general can effectively control in the first quarter, if the outbreak of the downstream of the silicone rubber enterprises and consumption for the whole year should be influence can control, and face the export effect will continue to lower, in the short term the downstream of small and medium-sized enterprises have difficulty in return to work, the stagnation of domestic consumption, short time and in the third quarter is expected to silicon materials and downstream organic silicone products for growth. Small and medium-sized enterprises during the short-term for the downstream silicone manufacturers will face all kinds of test, the industry is expected to further enhance. Impact on the traditional consumption for silicon downstream products is fine, because organic silicone products application field is wide, in the electronic, construction and energy industries have certain advantages, because of traditional and online consumption coupled with the outbreak, silica gel daily life as well as silica gel health care products will have a breakthrough, the future development trend for epidemic prevention and control, enhance immunity type products have greater investment and research and development, so the organic silicone protective effect on life in the coming years, daily care and auxiliary materials and other industries almost closer. Together, organic silicone downstream enterprises belong to stagnation in recent months, due to return to work after the Spring Festival in the middle of the recent period of time delay, upstream and downstream enterprises to resume work personnel to the duty rates fall in most companies face a lack of workers, nearly a year to upstream silicon prices superposition of raw materials, finished goods, logistics can be affected by the epidemic in the short-to-medium term of artificial influence, high logistics dependent on electronic enterprise, reduce consumption desire, and the outbreak will affect the online and offline electronic products retail, electronic product shipments will fell in the first quarter, but consumer demand is relatively weak in the first quarter, after the outbreak will rebound in demand, so for the silicone material surrounding the electronics at the same time have a rebound effect. 3 - June is better, if the outbreak control enterprise to return to work smoothly, industry will restore musical rhythm, is expected to 2020 organic silicon industry high growth trend will not change. Overall, in the first quarter of 2020 silicone companies affected by the epidemic and logistics impassability, capacity utilization will be significantly lower, mainly downstream consumption will be affected by different degree of impact, but considering the quarter itself is the off-season for the whole year, the annual proportion of small contribution to the upstream and downstream production, if the outbreak in the quarter can effectively control, annual production and consumption can be controlled as a whole. Together, is expected in 2020 China's economic growth is likely to be lower than 5%, and in 2019 China's economic growth contribution to world economic growth is expected to 30%, if the Chinese economy in 2020, the global economy will be affected, there is no doubt that in 2020 China's organic silicon industry on foreign trade still faces big challenges.
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