In 2016, the silicone products manufacturer which industry problems need attention

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Silicone products in 2016 has now been introduced a lot of our industry, in the home, automobile, machinery, agricultural, medical, etc have been widely used in many industries, on the development history of silicone historically growing faster than the last one year, from 2015 statistics of domestic silicone industry increased by 60% than usual, in the past the European and American countries of silica gel has been leading economic development, and relevant departments to statistics in the first two years of domestic silicone industry development speed has nearly more than the United States, become one of the silicone products manufacturer, silicone products in China as early as 2010 to reach 500000 tons, output reached 330000 tons, annual sales reached 3 billion yuan, is in great demand in the next few years, and most of the silica gel products production of raw materials imported materials, in the domestic because the technology co. , LTD has advantages on technology is difficult to produce high-end products, so must adopt some imported materials. Silicone products manufacturing although great demand at home, but for our silicone products manufacturer, the greater the demand, the greater the competition, according to the statistics of the silicone manufacturers in China there are more than 3000, is about nearly ten times that of the us, in numerous manufacturer how to gain a foothold in the industry? 1. About innovation each big industry cannot leave the word 'innovation', although the technology is not in my country can go beyond the European and American countries, can only make some low-end products, products for the domestic industry area, however can return to the domestic technology, according to the requirements of the development of the major areas in China, and tend to be the customer give us drawings and samples, if you can imagine the industrial links or life ideas above can create practical product design, not only bring benefits to silicone products company and reputation will be brought to his reputation, so innovation is the most important. 2. About production now we production and processing of the silicone industry is indispensable part, often we have ignored a lot of problems in the production process, but a lot of problems are leadership emphasized many times, this let me think of is, in fact, no matter what others say, as long as careful to do what should not be any mistake, but is holding the work for every colleague to work for eight hours of work mentality, the wrong will happen, if you put correct work attitude, I think it won't appear what problem in production. 3. About management for every company has the regulation of every company, and for some small businesses, rarely used, 6 s management is ignored for 6 s management system certification, the company management lax casually, work discipline, it is often the main cause of customer churn, company to the customer's first impression is always. 4. Often now many xiamen silicone cases about products manufacturers in product above have ignored a lot of problems, especially after some processing section process for the QC inspection, there is some neglected details of products, and by the consumers, make consumers feel the product defective, see on the packaging manufacturer may produce some ideas later, if for a client cannot have decided that the silicone products manufacturer, how to take hold in the industry? So the reputation and professional production processing, make others trust is the best. The article from professional silicone products manufacturer in xiamen - Reprint please indicate the source!
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