Impurities of silicone rubber products processing

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Production of silicone rubber products, especially when processed into wire, wire rod surface is white or black impurities, increase the mesh also is unable to solve. Products appear such problem is what reason is caused? According to more than 10 years of silicone rubber production and processing experience, appears the impurities of silicon rubber products is such a solution; Silicone rubber product recommendations: silica gel products, Click to view) 。 To know impurity problem, need to know the formula of the product technology and process flow. Generally normal formulation and operation process, the rubber think this is caused by system management problems. Reasons there are many: 1, the environment is poor, vulcanized rubber mixing and production area is very close to, a lot of dust, a lot of white filler carbon dust floated product. 2, the product may fall to the ground problems, bad management, impurity of what, all in. 3, product turnover box, didn't clean up the surface, also cause pollution. 4, production area, white and black products with sulfide. Black waste removal to the product. So, impurity problems of silicone rubber products, is a systemic problem. Related problems can be consulting rubber, custom made good quality silicone rubber products directly related to business. More articles visit click: news center
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