if you want to find nemo, you may need sofi, the robotic fish

by:Keyuan     2020-06-13
When exploring the marine environment, underwater robots are often a bull trout in a Chinese store, and their volume and destructive propulsion disrupt marine life.
Enter the soft, soft, and flexible robot fish with subtle manners.
Scientists said Wednesday they have set up a remote
Swim quietly through coral reefs and fish stocks, and use controlled robots with fisheye lenses-of course —
Capture High
Resolution photos and videos with built-in cameras.
Known as SoFi, it can swim forward, move up and down, turn and change speed, like a real fish, pushing itself by swinging its tail, the movement of pumping water into two balloons with a small motor
Like the tail room.
SoFi is white and weighs less than 4 pounds (built with a normal fish design)1. 6 kg)
About 18 inch (47 cm)long.
The tail of SoFi\'s \"soft artificial muscle\" is made of a rubber-silicone rubber.
The electronic element is in its nose.
It has two side fins for maneuver.
\"I chose SoFi, pronounced like Sophie, as it not only abbreviated the word\" soft fish \", but it also reminded me of a girl I like so much, fell in love with her in high school. Robotics researcher and doctoral candidate at MIT\'s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).
\"The name is like the way robots glide and fluctuate in the water,\" added Daniela Ruth, director and robotics scientist at CSAIL.
The SoFi is operated by a diver using a Super Nintendo controller that is waterproof and he can approach 70 feet (21 meters away).
CSAIL researchers tested SoFi in South Pacific coral reefs and coastal waters near taaveuni, Fiji\'s third largest island
The largest island and the pool at MIT.
The untethered robot sailed for up to 40 minutes in depth close to 60 feet (18 meters).
Existing autonomous underwater robots are usually tied to a ship and powered by a propeller or jet, which can damage the natural environment.
Sophie swam with the fish and other marine creatures without letting them run away.
\"Robots can be used as marine biological instruments and can also be used to measure pollution in coastal waters, make maps, conduct inspections, monitor and track,\" said Rus . \".
\"This is expected to be an inspiration for more soft robotic creatures in the future, whether on land or in water,\" Katzschmann added . \".
The study was published in the journal Scientific robotics.
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